So annoyed....please share your lo weights and ounces!!

So I'm soooo sick of hearing everyone say my baby is SO tiny with a smile and laugh....he's 4 mos old, EBF and weighs 14lbs and about 25 inches long. He eats four 3 oz bottles at daycare and nurses all other times. Seems good but I'm like seriously people what's up?! Hes hitting milestones and doing well but i get annoyed like crazy! Please share your children's stats, I'm so curious and also please share how many oz's your lo takes at each feeding! 

Re: So annoyed....please share your lo weights and ounces!!

  • What???  Some people need to find other things to comment on, like how cute he is! 

    He looks about average to me.  That's what you want!

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  • If your pedi is not concerned and he is gaining weight regularly, I wouldn't be concerned. Annoying to hear that though. 

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  • People always have to tell you their opinion :

    DS is 13lb 6 oz and almost 26" at 4 months... So he's long and lean! I'm not concerned there are averages for a reason... Someone has to be above and someone below.

    DS takes three 4 oz bottles at daycare. 1 every 3 hrs
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  • Brielle is a big baby 15 ish pounds 13 weeks old she eats 5oz every 3 3 1/2 hours
  • At 4 months, DS was 15 lbs 3 oz and 26 1/4 inches, but he started out big at 9 lbs and 21 inches.

    I can't remember how much he was drinking at 4 months, but it was more than he is now (since he eats 2 solid meals a day).  Now he usually has 3 or 4 four ounce bottles while I'm at work for 9 to 12 hours.  And he nurses in the morning and still cluster feeds at night before bedtime.

    At his 9 month checkup he was 19 lbs 7 oz and 29 1/2 inches.

    He is just gonna be a tall lanky kid (he is usually in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th for height).

    Don't let people other than baby's doctor tell you he is too skinny!

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  • My son is 3 1/2 months and he's only 12 1/2 lbs.... I get the same comments all the time.  My pediatrician isn't concerned, so I'm not either.  We just have small babies.  They'll catch up.
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  • your LO is bigger is than mine! so yes I have a peanut.  People comment that he is small but I don't care b/c it is true.  Babies come in all shapes and sizes and my LO is small.  He weighed 12.5 lbs and 24 inches at 4 months. Don't stress people just want to talk. 
  • Ugh, I totally get it! At 3 mo lo was 8.5 lbs. her 4 mo is coming up. I feel like when people say how old is she I have to say she is a preemie because people look at me like I'm nuts when I say how old she annoying
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  • DS is 16 lbs. 11 oz. and takes no more than 4 oz. during a feeding. Some people are just ignorant- especially when it comes to breastfeeding. We have to learn to ignore it.
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  • my son is 6 months old and is 15 pounds. He is exclusively breastfed. He is healthy and strong. i get a lot of comments too, but i don't let it bother me. There is nothing wrong with your baby! There are just big babies and small ones.... People just have no clue so just shake it off...
  • My LO was 12lb 2 oz at her four month checkup, 15% and pedi said it was good -just a petite baby. She drinks 12 oz at daycare from 9-4:30 and from me the rest of the time.
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  • I have the opposite "problem" with comments on how big LO is.  Hes about 28 1/2 inches and 21 lbs and hes nearly 5 1/2 months. LO was born on the larger side at 10 lbs 11 ozs so hes been on the bigger side.  But I just went to a company picnic and  snapped at a lady who said how big he was.  I was with my Mum who told me i need to be nice.  But After the lady said how big he was i responded with "Well hes 5 months so he has to grow"  I think im sensitive about how big he is though.  I have a co-workers who had her LO 2 days before me and hers was in the 8 lb range, so we get comprasions between mine and hers.  Ive decided that my LO is He-Man so hes going to be okay because hes defender of the universe. Plus my LO is gthe cutest little guy so I  only have eyes for him   LoL. 
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  • Your "so tiny" baby is bigger than mine was at 4 months. At 4 months my son was 13lbs 14oz and 24.25" long.

    He hit his major growth spurt between 6 and 12 months.  He went from being in the 25thish percentile to now being in the 50th/60th percentile.

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  • My LO is @ 14 weeks and right at 13 lbs.  She take 2-3 3 oz bottles when I am at work 7 hrs a day.  It seems like your LO is right on track!  People love to comment about size but don't worry about it.  If your pedi is happy and your LO is gaining then everything is fine.
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  • When we had our 4 month checkup (at 4.5 months), baby was about 15 lbs. 26" long. Eating 3 x 3.5 oz bottles at daycare and bf'ing when we were together. Baby is not terribly "roly poly" like most other BF babies I have known, but is very active and stands up a lot so I assume all the "activity" burns more calories. I'm not worried about it! :)
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  • My girl was 12 lb 2 oz, 22.5" at her 4 month.  People like to comment on her being little sometimes and I just shrug it off.  My pedi thinks she's fine. I used to worry about it but now I don't care because she's happy and doing well. 

    She drinks three 4 or 4.5 oz bottles during the day.

    Don't let people's dumb comments get to you.  Your little guy sounds just fine!

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  • Don't worry, unless your baby is losing weight nor not gaining I wouldn't be worried.  At 4 months G was 14 pounds 4 oz and 27 inches long.  At that age he was taking 4 oz every 2-3 hours while I was at work.  
  • I have a little peanut who is only about 9 lbs at 11 weeks. I get lots of comments too...especially from MIL who thinks she's not gaining enough from my milk. The pedi was not worried at all, just says she's long and lean she's in 90th percentile for height at 23 1 / 2 inches. She only has a bottle once a day at night if SO is home and we just bumped it up to 3 1 / 2 ounces. Just smile and remind yourself that you know your baby is perfectly normal! All babies are different.
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  • My guy was 13 lbs, 10.5 oz and 24.25" long at his four month checkup - in the 24th percentile for both weight and length.

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