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just curious...bf poll

Do you bf in front of male family members? What about male friends?
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Re: just curious...bf poll

  • Nope. I refuse to BF or pump in front of anyone except DH and my mom. And my MIL saw me a few times. That's it. Flame away, but I just am not comfortable doing that in public.

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  • So far just DH and my Mom. I BF'ed at the pedi's office while waiting for him to come in, but I covered up with a blanket and buttoned up/stopped when he came in. I'm still not proficient enough to quickly latch him and use a cover. Someday maybe I'll be ok doing it in public or in front of other male family with a cover, but right now we are messy and bad at it so I kind of need to strip off my shirt to make it work! 
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  • I would be okay with doing in front of my dad and probably my BIL because he has two kids that were breastfed. Obviously I wouldn't just flop my boob out in front of either of them and do it. I would be minorly discreet about it. Other than that, nope.
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  • Obviously I am not there yet, but I hope to BF. That being said, I don't know if I will be comfortable in front of most male family members. 

    The only one that I know of for sure that I will be ok with is my dad (technically step-dad, but adopted) because he is super medical and totally not weird about it at all. He wouldn't even blink. 

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  • I've bf in front of BIL and FIL. Also in front of one close male friend. I cover myself up with an A&A blanket, and get LO latched on in a separate room. 


  • I have only openly bf'd in front DH, my mom, the LC, and the pediatrician.

    I would only bf in front of anyone else while covered up.   

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  • Before LO was here I would have answered, no way.  However, after having BF'ed for almost a month now, I think I've changed my mind.  Really it's a natural thing, and it's just not that big of a deal to me.  We are still a little clumsy getting latched on, so I plan to use a cover in public at least to get LO latched on, but after that I'm ok with discreetly doing it cover-free in front of whomever.  If they don't like it, they can leave.
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  • I have always had no modesty. I have BF in front of just about everyone on both sides of our family. I have yet to, but I have no qualms about nursing in public either.

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  • I nurse in front of pretty much anyone. For now we're using a cover but I'm sure in a few months we won't be.

    E quit tolerating the cover at 4mos. I refused to let it stop me from nursing or isolating myself to do so. Sure I was crazy nervous at first as I really preferred to be covered but I had to do what worked for both of us and it was so much easier without.
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  • Yes. Absolutely. Possibly not my ILs though.
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  • I've left the room when my ILs came, but mostly b/c I needed some alone time. I'm actually more comfortable around strangers then family.

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  • Covered yes. Something about my dad seeing my breasts creeps me out. He'd prefer not to see as well.
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  • I had to BF the other night when my dad was in the room (cringe!) but I was covered with a blanket.  He was watching tv and didn't notice what I was even doing (there wasn't anywhere else in the house that I could get physically comfortable enough to get her to feed)  And I had to nurse in front of the pediatrician at her first appt, then also in front of a bunch of residents at the hospital.  But I figure they're docs so they've seen it all before.  I am a very shy and awkward about nudity and stuff but since I've started BF I don't seem to care that much anymore if the males aren't close family members (I hope to never have to BF in front of my dad again that's for sure)


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  • Yes but I use a cover.

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  • In the beginning I BF in front of everyone at my house sans cover.  My step dad, my grandpa, my brother.  They just have to deal or leave the room.  Baby is attatched all the time right now.  In public I will nurse anywhere with a cover, sometimes without a cover.  As time goes on and baby nurses less frequently I will be more modest about nursing becuase baby will be a bit more patient while waiting for a meal. And as baby gets more curious about the world around them and pops off to take a break and look around in public, I will choose a more private spot to nurse.  Although I will pop it out anywhere if that is my only option.
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  • Only in front of DH and DS1, but he's only 17mo old, so that doesn't really count anyway. Honestly, I'm not even comfortable BFing in front of my mom even though we're super close. I'm just ridiculously modest.
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  • I have breastfed in front of my father in law and brother in law with a cover. I figure I am not going to separate myself at every family event for the next year whenever my kid needs to eat. I also breastfed during church yesterday with a cover.

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  • I am not comfortable enough to BF/pump in front of anyone other than SO and DD. When I first came home from the hospital I couldn't in front of DD, but have gotten more comfortable. I don't see myself feeding in front of anyone else.
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  • No problem here, as long as I'm covered. I bf DS for over a year and would bf in public all the time with a cover.

    There's a lady at my sons gym class though that whips out her boob and bf her daughter right in front of everyone! No cover! There are dads there too. I could never do that!
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  • Only my dad. I will use a cover though if it's other male friends

    or family.

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  • Yes to both. With friends I keep covered though. With family I make less of an effort. If I was at a friend's house I might try to go to a separate room; thusfar this has only occurred at my house so I set the rules.
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  • ill BF in front of my father and my brothers, but not male friends or male ILs.

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  • No, bc I think my Dad would feel weird, as would my bro. My FIL is almost blind, so I happily do it in front of him, haha.  I did bf in front of my pedi, and he commented that my veins looked good to have a good supply.  Interesting!
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  • I'll BF in front of just about anyone. I've already done it a ton of times out to dinner and visiting friends at work. I just shove LO under my shirt, throw a blanket over and rock and roll. I think I accidentally flashed my nipple at someone the other day while taking her out - it was hilarious. But that being said I wouldn't do it with my boob out in a public place because nobody needs to see that! It weirds me out to see someone with their boob hanging out. I don't know why - I mean it's natural and I love BF, but nobody needs to see my boob unless it's my DH, family or really close friends. I will boob out at home with my girlfriends over because they have all been there!! 
  • When I was BFing, yes. As long as they were comfortable with it, I was fine. The only person who I didn't BF in front of was my FIL because he was obviously uncomfortable with it. 
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  • I cover myself but I dont leave the room.
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  • I bf in front of everyone.  Step-dad, dad, bil, strangers, etc.  I did ask my sister if she thought it was okay to bf in front of my 7 year old nephew.  I don't use a cover or anything either but not much shows when you're bfing anyway.

    It's not like I'm naked or sitting around topless.  

  • I bf where ever I am when my son is hungry. Especially if we are at my house. If they dont want to see then they can leave the room. Its not like I'm just taking my shirt off, I'm feeding my son, and you cant see very much of my breast anyway.
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