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In NY and Sandy's coming......

Hello Ladies! Sitting on the edge of my seat here. Driving myself insane watching the weather for hurricane updates. I guess it's good we aren't due until April but..man this storm is going to pack a punch. Hope everyone is safe, also hope the weather models are wrong and it misses all of us. Ill be here worrying though.

Re: In NY and Sandy's coming......

  • I feel you. I'm in NY visiting my parents while DH is on travel for work. Our house in MD (one of the predicted landfalls). I made the milk/bread grocery trip for my parents this morning so we're not fighting everyone tomorrow. It's not like I can catch a tree with my bare hands to protect the house so it's just gonna be what it's gonna be. My parents also have a place in DE near Ocean City, MD. Another point of worry. Why can't I drink again? It usually makes these experiences more fun. . .
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  • I feel your pain ladies. I'm in CT and am also obsessing about the track, forecast etc. it doesn't appear we're getting a direct hit but we have a weak power system so it won't take much to cause havoc. 

    The good news is DH and I did manage to get a generator today. Totally not in our budget though so still not too happy! 

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  • I'm in NY too! I am trying to tell my husband that its going to be bad once it hits here in Buffalo but he does not think it will be that bad. Im going to get some water and flash lights just in case power does go out from the wind! lol
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  • In on Long Island NY. They always make a big fuss and then we just get rain. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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  • I'm in central jersey where the stom is predicted to sit for two days... My in laws got flooded majorly with Irene so I think they are more worried than I am but I hope the weather people are just making it worse than it will be.image
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  • hasn't hit here yet...just some high winds which are supposed to get worse. Another hour or so til we meet Sandy...I am dreading it..hope all you ladies are ok
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