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Hip and thigh pain!

Good morning ladies! I am thirty weeks (yay!) and for the past three days I have had excruciating pain in my left hip area that hurts down the front of my thigh and ends on the inside of my knee.i don't think its sciatic pain because that usually effects the back of the leg, not the front. I have tried: heat, ice, sleeping with a pillow between my legs, Tylenol, warm bath, walking and stretching on a foam roller. The pain is so bad, especially to sit for any amount of time. I can't walk normally and end up limping around. Anyone go through this and have help?
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Re: Hip and thigh pain!

  • Oh, I'm sorry to hear about this!  

    I get a lot of side hip/thigh pain, but it tends to be relieved by my foam roller, which I saw you tried.  How often do you use it?  I use it everyday, even if I am feeling good.  And, I use it so it hurts and breaks up all of those tight muscles in there.  I'm not a doctor, so I can't tell you what's best.  But, I do know that if it hurts, it's working!  Can you try just doing it more often - maybe once in the morning and once at night?   

  • I get this too and I think it's from how I sleep and the added weight that's accumulating now in the third trimester. Nothing really helps me, but it's a good excuse for a leg rub from my DH...
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  • Thank you both so much! I am not using the roller more than a couple of times a week, I will try it more and see if that helps. Also I could go for a leg rub, so the man will be recruited!! Hope you guys have a good weekend!
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  • Sounds like you've tried everything!  I'd give the doctor a call and try to get some relief!
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  • I have the same problem at 29 weeks. A pillow doesn't seem to help me to much. I feel it from my lower back all the way to my knees. Sometimes I will end up with a leg cramp. It get's uncomfortable standing up and sitting down. I hope that you can find some relief. Smile
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