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I had a repeat c section 1 week ago and iam having painful urination. I dont remrmber this with my first. Has this happened to anyone else not sure if i should call my doc?
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Re: c section moms

  • Hmm, I'd call the doc on that one.  I had issues with mine - baby girl decided she wanted to block the catheter so I couldn't empty my bladder until after surgery (and then OMG there was so much pee).  The first few days after I felt a lot of pressure when I peed, but it wasn't exactly painful.  If you're having pain, call.  Might be a bladder infection or something like that.


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  • I had a repeat c almost 3 weeks ago...hurt the first few days to pee...otherwise it just hurt from the other end (tmi) if I didn't take the colace for the first week
  • It happened to me this time around, too - I thought maybe it was a UTI or something, It started on a Friday about a week after I got out of the hospital, and then went away by Monday or Tuesday.  I think it was irritation from the catheter, but I plan on asking my OB when I see her next week.
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  • I didn't have it with this c-section surgery- but when I had my appendix out it hurt like a mofo to pee... the catheter had irritated my lady bits badly. (They re-inserted it 4x in one day because they wanted me to keep trying to pee on my own, and when I couldn't, they would re-cath me.


    I'd address it with your doc just to make sure you don't have a UTI (the cath can introduce bacteria to your bladder.) But it might just be bruising/irritation.   


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  • Having a cath increases your risk of uti. If you are suddenly having problems call. I had soreness for a few days as my cath removal was very sore and I felt like I got beat up down there. I really pushed fluids.
  • I definitely had issues with soreness and pain while peeing the first week, but it seems to have cleared up on its own. I will say I still have lost the sensation of knowing when to pee, so that's been annoying - I have to make myself go pee every few hours. 
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  • It is probably from the catheter. I would call.

    I am having this issue but my bladder was cut during surgery and I just had my catheter removed. So I think that is why I am havin pain...
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  • Thanks ladies iam going to call them in the morning
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