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So I tried to wear leggings today...

I wore leggings today.  The nicer brand that they sell at Dillards.  They have a stiffer waistband but I figured they are stretchy no problem.  Bad idea.  Even folded down low they are so dang uncomfortable.  Lesson learned.  Sticking with maternity pants or the occasional yoga pant.  Cross another item off my wardrobe list.

I really need to go shopping for some more options this weekend.

Anyone else wish they could stretch their "regular" clothes longer? 



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Re: So I tried to wear leggings today...

  • Boo! I'm sorry. I've heard great things about gap maternity but don't know first hand. I think they are having a sale now though. Good luck shopping!
  • Anyone know of any good full panel leggings? I've avoided them so far for that very reason
  • I am just lurking, but I found the over the belly maternity leggings from Old Navy so comfortable (and affordable).


    I hear you on wanting to wear your regular clothes longer, but I did that with some tops and now that I an not pregnant any longer they are stretched out and unwearableSad

    If you are on a limited budget for clothes (like I was!) also try your local thrift shops.  I got a ton of stuff from my Savers-- and each thing was maybe 3.00 - 5.00!


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  • image Jessiebug81:
    Anyone know of any good full panel leggings? I've avoided them so far for that very reason

    I saw some at Motherhood but clearly I have not purchased them yet.  I thought, "meh leggings are leggings, I will be fine."  Nice thinking daylights... 



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  • I like the ones from Old Navy. I bought them last year and they're pretty comfortable (and so much cheaper than Motherhood). I actually wore them for about a month after my loss because it was either that or wear spanx to get into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

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  • I got a pair of maternity leggings from Destination Maternity...they're inexpensive and very comfortable!
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  • I love my pairs of Old Navy Maternity Leggings. I got them for $10 on sale and yeah I wear them all the time. I got the higher waisted ones. I don't think they are too high waisted but with the growing belly they definitely don't go as high as before.

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  • I have the basic Motherhood leggings and they do the trick- they are comfortable and fit fine, but are definitely thinner than some leggings I've had. You can't see through them or anything, but not thick enough to keep any warmth on a cool day. I got a fall flyer and saw some other leggings, and I think they are BOGO 50% off right now so I'm going after work to stock up. I would love to wear dresses and skirts this winter and my legs are in no shape to be bare (thanks veins!!).
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  • image Jessiebug81:
    Anyone know of any good full panel leggings? I've avoided them so far for that very reason

    I bought some from Old Navy and LOVE them!


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  • The Gap maternity leggings are super comfortable.  They are under the belly though.  I plan to live in them this fall/winter.
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  • Meeeee...... I have wore my regular clothes as long as I can..and even told when I came back from lunch I had to unbutton my pants to make my tummy feel comfy...

    Really got to do some shopping soon....


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  • I need maternity leggings. I was just talking about this today because tomorrow it's supposed to be cold and I just wanna wear a big sweater, leggings and come comfy boots. Oh well maternity jeans will just have to do for now.
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  • I miss my regular clothes a lot but I have actually fallen in love with Seraphine's maternity clothes. So chic and my friends don't believe they're maternity!
  • So I'm a little late to the party here, and I didn't read through all the responses before posting mine, but Motherhood Maternity sells really comfy maternity leggings. I *LOVE* mine and wear them all the time!
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