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What do you eat and drink to help with your nausea?

I need ideas!  The nausea wasn't this bad and didn't start this early with my first.  I work full time so I need food and drinks that will help with nausea, besides ginger ale and ice lemon water.  The thought of saltines makes me sick, what else can I snack on?  I'm hungry every second!
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Re: What do you eat and drink to help with your nausea?

  • I used B-Natal vitamins for my nausea.  They can be found out most pharmacies.  They look and taste like apple jolly ranchers.  I also heard that you can take a unisom before you go to bed at night.  When you wake up you don't have nausea.  I would check with your Dr on that one!!!
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  • Pretzels and hummus.
    Bagels for breakfast.
    Grapes or other juicy fresh fruit has been good. Pineapple.

    Jolly ranchers and ginger ale are helping me.

    It was never this bad with my 1st, either.

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  • Sprite, fruit, pretzels (love the honey wheat ones).  I'm loving smoked almonds right now--just a couple stave off hunger, and they don't make me sick.

    When I'm already feeling bad, sprite helps.  Also, sweet and sour candies for some reason.

    I have quite the stash at my desk Big Smile


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  • i drink pineapple juice and carnation instant breakfast(tastes like chocolate milk!)

    and I love animal crackers! 

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  • Sour candy if you can believe that.
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  • I find it really important to rotate. One week it's preggie pop drops, next eek jolly ranchers, next week pineapple, etc.  after a week (or so) with one fix, I find it just starts making me sick and I can't imagine eating it anymore! 

    Also really really helpful to eat frequent, relatively high protein meals. I'm finding that I eat almost every two hours, lots of greek yogurt, fruit, a "lean pocket" etc. never a full meal, but almost never more than three hours in between meals.  

     Good luck! I was horrifically morning sick with my first, but have been much luckier this time around. I do remember how terribly depressing and isolating it was, though. 

  • The normal "saltines and ginger ale" thing never worked for me. Saltines made me want to hurl, lol.

    Coca-cola worked. Hard candy (especially if it's sour). I also liked popsicles or fruit (oranges, apples, etc).

    I stay far, far away from bread, cheese and meat when I'm nauseous.  


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  • ooh popsicles and sour candies sound great! thanks


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  • I feel the worst at night, and last night I made myself a lemonade with club soda and something about the fizzy/tart combo made me feel much better. I guess 7UP would have been just the same, but I preferred this.

  • It's odd, but olives work for me.  I've been so incredibly sick this time, but eating green olives seem to settle my stomach and get me past the bad times. Try giving in to whatever random craving comes to mind.  Sometimes the weirdest things can do the trick.


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  • Anything with carbonation and lemon drop candies get me through the day.

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  • I had a nurse friend tell me about Emetrol (which you can buy at the grocery store or Walgreens type store). She worked in OB for a while & that seemed to help with the nausea the most. It helps me!
  • I loved sour gummy worms! And Life Savers PepOMints really helped curb my morning sickness! Later in my pregnancy Pringles helped too :
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  • Emitrol is awesome and you can take it almost as much as you want. And believe it or not GUM. Mainly the polar ice works for me and I only need half a stick at a time. Even now (22 weeks in) I dont get out of bed till I've popped a piece in my mouth. VERY effective and a lot cheaper. I had morning sickness through my entire first pregnancy and it looks like i'll be chewing gum all through this one as well. GL

      I eat apple, food rich in starch and proteins, banana and I chew fresh mint or else will drink glass of mint tea!!
    1. Hey hun I have three kids and each preg of mine was more worse then the last my dr had me on nausea meds I was so miserable but as time went by I started feeling much better yea I know the saltines sound gross but believe hun they will become a savior to your nausea try some room temp 7 up my daughter is preg now an she is 7 weeks an she is having the same problems I hope this helps you out hun an just think it is all work it when tou hold your precious lil one in your arms take care
    2. I've been really liking canned pears out of the fridge and applesauce - both ice cold.
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    3. From 8 weeks up until the day I had my baby I had terrible nausea.  All day long. Worse in the evenings.  I was treated by midwives - not an OBGYN. I tried EVERYTHING natural.  Ginger, Vitamin B etc.  Finally after losing almost 15 lbs in my first trimester I had to take more action.

      My midwife prescribed "Zofran".  It was a life saver - I could eat again and was getting healthy again.

      If the natural things fail you like they did me, try Zofran. 

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