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I can't pump for shiz... concern? long

Mobile: I can't pump for shiz... concern? long 

I think I'm too tired to be too concerned but would you be?

DD's first two weeks, I was pumping after every feed at the advice of a LC who thought my supply might be low due to a traumatic delivery. It was a PITA but ok because I had my mother and MIL around to help, and DD was sleeping constantly. I normally was getting 4-6oz or so extra a day

 Now I very rarely pump, and when I try I am getting pretty much nothing. Example. This morning DD slept 5 hours for the first time (woo!) and then went pretty ravenous on my boobs. However I was pretty engorged so I wanted to pump to be sure I was emptied (paranoia from bout of mastitis)... I went 5 minutes and got 1/4 ounce between both boobs (then she woke up and I needed to tend to her). So I guess good news - she drained me but bad news - I'm not producing extra.

 Anyway, I am just getting a little worried for when I go back to work at 12 weeks (but the first 4 weeks I am back DD will be with DH). Should I just cross that bridge when I get to it? DD is gaining weight well and lots of diapers so I know I am producing enough to meet her current needs, just nothing more. 

DD 9/15/12

Re: I can't pump for shiz... concern? long

  • Have you tried to pump to replace a feeding? If she woke up and ate there is a good chance that she drained you and there wasn't much left. You're going to get more when you are pumping in place of a feeding since you'll be full.

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  • If you stopped pumping and you are only nursing, your body and supply will adjust to that. If you want to build a stash, you'll need to start pumping again to increase your supply again.
  • You can't just pump here and there - you have to pump at the same time every day so your body adjusts and makes extra milk.  It'll take up to a week for your body to adjust.

    Always pump after you nurse and I find pumping the morning to be the best since that's when your body makes the most milk.

  • Thanks for the responses though they aren't what I want to hear. She eats too often during the day for me to fit in a regular pump session and spend quality wakeful time with her. Hopefully her schedule regulates in the next few weeks with a more predictable nap I can use to pump. I don't like skipping feedings quite yet as I selfishly like that time together.
    DD 9/15/12
  • If you're worried about building up a stash for when you go back to work, you can do what my friend did: About 3 weeks  before she had to go back, she had her DH give a bottle of formula at night while she pumped, so she could build a stash. She was in the same position as you, she wasn't able to fit in a pump session between feedings. While this isn't ideal, it may work, GL!
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