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Not gaining enough weight?

Hi guys!  I'm 20 weeks along and have only gained about 3 pounds from pre-pregnancy (5'11", 145lbs).  Doc said the baby was looking normal on growth charts.  I'm eating around 2500 calories a day, which should be more than enough. It's great from a clothing perspective (still looking basically normal!), but seems I should be at about 10 pounds gained by now. Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: Not gaining enough weight?

  • I think everyone is different and it seems like weight gain depends on alot of different factors, pre pregnancy weight, genetics, activity level ect...  I'm sure the Doctor would have said something if there was concern. All that matters is that baby is growing. :)
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  • I'm 18weeks and have only gained 3 lbs. My dr said its normal, I was worried because this is baby #2 and i would've thought I'd gain weight easier this time. Dr said everyone is different and nobody gaines weight the same.
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  • at my 6wk appt i was 135 and just went for my 18wk and i am 134, i havent been sick at all just have no appetite. when i do eat i eat a little at a time and try not to eat crap when i am hungry. my doctor said baby is growing fine and no problem
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  • My doctor told me early on that she was fine with me gaining 0 lbs until 20 wks, but she's adamant that after that I have to gain 1 lb a week.  I've only gained 1.5 lbs and she's pleased thus far.
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  • Not gaining any weight? I see no problems! Lol. I only gained 8lbs with DD and she weighed 8lbs 2oz at birth. Doctor said everyone is different and as long as you're eating what you can and staying hydrated its okay.
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  • I'm the same way. I was at the dr's today, and she said it was fine so long as the baby continues to grow normally (and baby is a few ounces ahead of schedule). I no longer look the same size (I have a very clear bump), but for some reason, I have only gained 2 lbs.

    Just keep eating, and making sure you get plenty of all the nutrients you & LO need, and don't worry so much about the weight. :)

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  • I've gained about 3 lbs at almost 18 weeks, and baby is measuring over a week ahead!  I guess he's soaking up all of those calories, so that works for me!
  • I'm 18 weeks and i have actually lost about 14 pounds but my doctor says everything looks great with baby.
  • I lost about 5 lbs, in 1st tri and early 2nd, and have only put back on about 3-4 depending on the day. Dr. is not worried about it so far. He said it will come and not to worry too much. 
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  • I lost weight at first, and in total, have only gained 1 lb over my original starting weight.  (Before losing.)  I look like I'm gaining, though!  lol

    My doctor says I'm on track.  Everyone gains on a different schedule, per se.

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  • I wouldnt worry, as long as baby is looking fine and nutrition-wise youre doing well. It's funny to see so many other people experiencing this as well, I keep gaining and losing the same three pounds. However, I was overweight pre-pregnancy so it's def not something I'm worrying about

  • I am 21 weeks and I lost a few lbs in the beginning and have yet to gain any weight back.. But the baby is growing and I am eating so Im not worried.



  • I wouldn't worry either! I haven't gained any weight either, which I'm pretty happy about since I'm already plus sized. Baby will get what it needs no matter what!

    (According to my mom, my weight is re-adjusting. Yesterday she told me that my butt looked smaller, I was losing my waistline and my belly looked rounder. Um.. thanks? I wasn't sure how to take it, but I guess my figure/weight is up for conversation with whoever wants to talk to me about it now.)

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  • As long as baby is getting what s/he needs, and you feel ok, I think you're good. I was chubby to begin with, and am still at -4 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight, although I was at -8 pounds at one point, so my doc is happy now. My doc says the numbers are not as important as long as baby and mom are both looking good!
  • I've only gained maybe 3lbs and I'm 19weeks. Pre-Preg I was probably over what my weight should be for my height so I think that may be why. I eat when I'm hungry and try to be healthy in my snacking but I haven't had any extra appetite really. My next appointment with the Doc is next week so we will see what he says!
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