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Artificial sweeteners

I've found some varying schools of thought on this one; your thoughts are appreciated. As a former chubby girl (lost 70 lbs a few years ago), I've swore off sugar completely and have not eaten it in years. My only sugar intake comes from natural sugar (fruit) and on the rare occasions that I eat or drink anything sweet it's sweetened with artificial sweetener. I do try to stick to the natural ones like Stevia, but if I buy a sugar-free product, they usually contain aspertame or sucralose. Are these safe during pregnancy?
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Re: Artificial sweeteners

  • Im personally against artificial sweeteners.

    I try to use Sugar in the Raw whenever Im going to use sugar.

    Ive heard too many things about artificial sweeteners to take the risk.

    Thats just my opinion obviously.

     I remember back in the day a VERY popular sugar-free gum use to actually say that the ingredient it contained was known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. MOST sugar free or "light" products contain this ingredient.

    So I just stick to natural things instead of artificial things.


  • You should probably check with your doctor, but my doctor said it was fine in moderation. However, I didn't touch the stuff when I was pregnant. I try to stay away from it period. There are so many studies on it causing brain cancer among other things... It just wasn't worth the risk/guilt. I do know plenty of babies that are completely healthy and their mothers drank lots of diet soda while pregnant.
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  • That makes so much sense.  I think my fear of getting chubby again is starting to rear it's ugly head.  But you know what?  I don't care if I gain 100 pounds during this pregnancy, as long as my baby is healthy!  Thanks. 

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  • Safe - probably. Recommended - no. Some research suggests higher cancer risks with the consumption of aspertame or sucralose. This is a tough decision for a lot of expectant mothers. Best thing to do is talk to your doctor. Kudos on your weight loss, and congrats on your baby! I lost 103 lbs. a few years ago. Hard work, and I commend you!


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  • Last time I tried to stay away as much as possible and plan to this time too.
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  • I avoid all artificial sweeteners during pregnancy.
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  • My doctor specifically said "No sweet n low" it's the only artifical sweetner that can collect and effect the baby.  Everything else is fine.
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  • My doctor last time told me that it's fine in moderation.  I am a huge diet coke fan and drank a ton before I got pregnant, so it's been difficult to have to cut back so dramatically...but I'm doing it!  :)
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  • Hey ladies, I know you are all trying to stay away from sweetners and what not but I just thought I would share this with you. Might make is a bit more bareable.http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/artificialsweetner.htm  Also crystal light makes a delicious line of non alcoholic drinks and they are amazing. Margarita, pina colada and apple martini! 


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  • THANK YOU!  Super-helpful.  Mocktails for me! 
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  • I avoid artificial sweeteners and highly recommend xylitol. It's natural and even has health benefits.

    Several grocers sell it under the brand name Ideal and it's no more expensive than Stevia or Splenda.
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  • I still use Sweet & Low and drink Crystal Light.   I don't worry too much about avoiding artifical sweetners
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