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Nt and genetic testing

My dr at my last appointment told me very little about the testing but said I have to decide by my next appointment if I want it done or not..... So I was wondering what is worth it and what's not I have a hsa insurance plan where I have to cover2500.... Before my insurance I don't want to waste money on inaccurate tests
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Re: Nt and genetic testing

  • Have you contacted your insurance company to determine the amount for which you would be responsible?  I know you said you have to cover $2500, but perhaps you've met your deductible already and won't have to pay the full amount out of pocket?  I've heard the bloodwork can have false positives, but I believe that is why it is combined with an u/s which allows for neck measurements and checking for the presence of the nasal bone.  Perhaps you can speak with your OB/insurance about other testing that is covered that could provide you with information about the baby.
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  • I haven't gone to the dr yet this year so my deductible is not even close to being met. I have had 1 ultrasound and pap and ob appointment.
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  • Have you contacted insurance to see the cost of the NT scan/bloodwork? Once you do that, you can determine if that is something that you are comfortable covering and go from there.  Best of luck with whatever you decide.

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  • I find them useful but then again we have never had a false positive.
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  • My doctor told me that half the time the insurance company says they cover it, they don't... and half the time they say they don't cover it, they do.  I've called mine three times and still haven't gotten a straight answer on coverage for this test.
  • With mine I have to pay for it if I want it until I meet my not sure what to do.
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