RP...twingy pain after CS

I had my second CS three weeks ago and I did have some cellulitis but its gone as of last week...I do however have lots of twingy, burning, throbbing pain on the lower right area...around my incision but maybe a tad above.   I also feel like someone took a baseball bat to me between my belly button and the incision.  Oh and I def am getting lightheaded here and there...I mentioned this minus the lightheadedness to the doc last week and she said it was healing.  I just didn't have this with DS so I'm paranoid.

I also would like to add that I still am in enough pain to take the vicodin they gave me...I'm barely taking it though b/c I need to be able to drive.

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Re: RP...twingy pain after CS

  • Call your doc back saying exactly what you said here, this time plus the lightheadedness. Never know if your pain, in conjunction with lightheadedness is a bad thing or not. Always best to get your doc's opinion. I dont remember having the type of pains you are describing, although I've had only one CS.
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