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when to switch carseats

My LO is 5 months and It seems like he is getting a little stuffed into his car seat. We have a baby trend car seat that came with the stroller, It says it is able to have a child up to 30 lb. My LO is about 19 lb and 27" long. If he stretches his feet out in the car seat they are right at the end of it. If we should get another... any suggestions?

Re: when to switch carseats

  • The length of his legs are irrelevant.  What you need to pay attention to is his seated height because the issue is the length of their torso and how high up in the seat they sit.  You can switch him to a convertible whenever you want (rear facing until 2, at least) but you'll soon find that his legs will need to bend or cross due to their length.  It's one of the primary (incorrect) reasons people choose to turn their kids forward facing and it's not an issue.
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  • We just switched to a Recaro Proride last week. Our first car seat only held him until 22 lbs and he's about 21. Not to mention he was getting impossible to carry around.

    I'm soooo happy we switched! He likes it so much more and it's easier for us. 

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  • We switched to a convertible when Aria was 4 months old. She HATED the infant seat, and would constantly scream when she was in it.

    We have a Britax Boulevard 70-G3 in my car, and I LOVE it. It fits well, installs easily, and the bells and whistles make it SO easy to use.

    We have a Safety First Guide 65 Sport in my hubs' truck. (it's the lesser used vehicle) It's a simple seat, easy to install, and Aria doesn't seem to have a preference between the two seats. I liked that it was only $80 and had the side-impact head protection.

    FWIW, Aria's feet can just touch the seat when she's in each car seat. I don't think it's a big deal. :)

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  • Nicuella is getting heavy in her infant carrier and her feet stick out a bit, but she still has 2 more shoulder strap heights and the bottom strap can move foward (away from her) at least once more..... Also, she falls asleep when I take her almost anywhere so she isn't really ready to sit in a store cart yet and she HATES her infant-booster convertible seat.... (besides, her 3 y/o cousin uses that right now when I have to take her places)-lol


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