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I am SO overweight!

I joined a gym, but have not yet stepped in the door. We are TTC baby #2 and I know I need to lose weight, but I can't find the motivation. I actually wore my maternity jeans over the weekend because  I liked how they looked with my blouse. Ouch! Am I the only one that can't find the motivation to work out?

Re: I am SO overweight!

  • I am really motivated but can never find the time! It is so hard to balance it all and still find time to work out!  I would need to exercise at 5am or 9pm to get it in and I am exhausted at both of those hours.  GL to you! Share your tips if you have success!
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  • I have always been one who needs to work out, so I make time for it no matter what.  What has helped me post-baby is that we bought a treadmill.  I will get on that sucker every night for an hour no matter what after DD goes to sleep. 

    Otherwise, if the weather is nice I will take DD for a 4 mile walk at least each evening.  I drink at least 100 oz. of water per day and count my calories. 

    I eat tons of veggies and fruit and do not eat after 7 p.m. and my only snacks are fruit.   You can do it!  You can.  You will feel better if you do work out.  It just makes such a difference! 

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  • It's hard! I did really well when I was on leave and when I first got back to work but about 2 months in I completely flaked out. I stopped exercising regularly, let soda and cookies creep back in my diet, etc. I had to start from scratch -- my old exercise routine (3-4 hours a week at the gym, yoga on Saturdays) just wasn't working with my schedule so I not do 15-20 minutes at home every other night. Here's an example:

    Also, be active when you socialize. My friend and I meet with the babies early on Sunday mornings for a 2 hour walk on a paved trail. It gives us a chance to get together, gets everyone outside and gets us some exercise. Before babies we would meet in coffee shops or bars once a week. This is much better for us. Smile

    I also involve DD in my exercise as much as one can involve a non-walking baby. If the weather cooperates, I put her in a back carrier and we go hiking. DH and I take turns swimming laps while the other holds her and cheers and we walk around the neighborhood and look at yards and dogs. I bounce on the exercise ball while holding her on my lap and we often dance together. When I'm not feeling motivated I remind myself that I'm trying to model how I want her to feel about exercising and being active -- it's fun, it's part of life and it isn't a chore.

    Good luck! You can do it.

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  • I have zero motivation to work out and even more so when I sit down and figure out how long it would take to lose any kind of significant weight from working out alone.  So, I try and muster up the motivation to eat better/diet and lose weight that way and figure that maybe at some point, once I'm actually losing weight, that might motivate me to work out.

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  • Start out slow.  Even walking on your days off will give you more energy.  I started running/walking when DD was 9 months old and have just started to run 5K's.  I have a super supportive husband who watches DD when I work out for an hour 3 times a week with a running group.  Find a support system out there and I know you can do it!!!  Eat more veggies and fruit too - its a constant battle for me but your body will feel so much better :)  Good luck!! 
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  • I didn't take of any weight between baby 1 and 2. It was just too much for me. I joined weight watchers in the spring and I'm down about 20 pounds (with 35+ to go) with just watching what I eat. I don't work out still  but I am feeling better overall. I'm hoping next year I can fit working out in, particularly in the fall once both kids are in daycare full time.
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  • Losing weight is 80% diet, and 20% exercise.  Since getting to the gym seems difficult, maybe you can try to work on the diet.  

    LO is almost a year old (next Monday) and it took me until this past July to light a fire under my butt to get going. (Lots of jealousy because my friends are all running half marathons and I wasn't fit for a 5k) I am finally down to my pre-prego weight and hoping to lose more.  Sometimes the motivation just has to hit you at the right time.  

    PS.  I was wearing maternity clothes until I could fit into my pre-prego clothes...that just happened a month ago. :/ For shame!

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