VBAC success!


I've frequently lurked on this board but have never posted and I appreciated all the birth stories and questions from others so I thought I would share my story.  I started irregular, mild contractions at 11pm on 10/21.  I woke up at 4 am with painful regular contractions  lasting only 15-20 sec.  Over the next 4 hrs, the contractions continued to be brief but 3-5 min apart.  My doctor's office said to call when they were 5 min apart, lasting for 1 min, for 1 hr so I didn't call until my water broke and I lost my mucus plug at 8am.  Called my doula, who suggested I continue to labor at home (glad I didn't listen to her).  Didn't hear back from MD's on call office until 8:45.  Left home at 9:15 after childcare came.  Arrived at the hospital at 9:45.  Parked in 20 min parking so my husband could take me to triage.  Triage nurse did exam, said "oh honey you are 9.5/10 cm".  Me: "is it too late for an epidural". nurse: "yes honey, you are ready to push this baby out".  I sobbed from fear and shock/disbelief.  I overheard some brief discussion about how this was a VBAC between her and the doctor.  I was rushed to a delivery room, nurses tried to find baby's heart rate without success and had to place a scalp monitor while I was getting an IV.  Tons of people in the room told me to push, doula finally arrived, and baby was born at 11:19 am yesterday.  I had 2nd degree tear, but I feel great.   Baby boy was 8.8 pounds and 21 inches.  Luckily parking valet men were understanding about us parking in the 20 min spot given the situation.  


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