11mo post cs question...

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Re: 11mo post cs question...

  • Did you have any complications with your surgery? Unless you had a complication, I would assume it is related to pregnancy in general, not the c/s.


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  • I somtimes have that problem but I alwso had my gallbladder taken out after DD1 4 years ago. That is what has caused some of my "gotta go right now"issues.
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  • I experienced this for a short time after my vbac but not after my c-section. Work your pelvic floor muscles- squats should help. Pregnancy can stress the pelvic floor, even without a vaginal birth. 
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  • Personally, I didn't have that problem. I know that's not really all that helpful. Maybe ask your doc. I would call them anonymously if you're too embarrassed to ask in person. If they try that "we cant give out personal info" thing, then just ask in a general sense. "Is this a normal side effect of having a CS?" 
  • I would definitely talk to your doctor, and try to get a recommendation for a physical therapist - there some who work specifically with postpartum women and plevic floor issues. I would think it's more a pregnancy thing rather than a c/s thing.
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  • Me too but I think it is more pregnancy related than c/s related, like the PP said.  I don't know if there is a similar exercise to Kegels that will help this but I'd like to know b/c it can be embarassing if I'm out!

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