Two Under 2

3 under 3?

We have two kids/babies 16 months apart and we just love it!!

Now we are about to start TTC for our third... So just wondering for those of you with 3 under 3, what have been the greatest challenges and benefits to having them so close together?


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Re: 3 under 3?

  • I just want to say I'm totally jealous you got your DH on board with a 3rd.  Mine is soooo not ready for that.  Ours are 16 months apart and I love it.  I still want one more.  Good Luck!

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  • I am actually shocked about it myself... But we both had only one sibling growing up and we both feel like it would be nicer for our kids to have two siblings... And he is actually he one who is really interested in having them close together I'm happy any way they come!!

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  • I love having them close together.  All I can really think of is benefits of the kids being close together.  I can't think of any drawbacks that would be just because you have 3 under 3.  There are always challenges when you add another into the mix, but I don't think that has anything to do with the age gap.  GL with what you decide.
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  • mine will be 16 and 19 months apart if all goes well. I have liked the small age gap and they are just now playing together more and DS is not hitting her :)

    It was a hard decision for us but I'm glad we made it. I have no idea how I will be handling the logistics once she/he is here.

    good luck!

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  • I'll be able to report back in January!  My first are 19.5 months apart, and between #2 and #3 there will be about 16 months. 
  • I had 3 under 2 for a few months and work full time...getting out the door in the morning is a 3 ring circus...I try not to bring all 3 of them anywhere alone...but we couldn't be happier.  They love each other and watching them all grow together is so much fun.   

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  • My first two are 14 months apart, and then there's 18 months between #2 and #3. The main drawback for me was actually the pregnancy. I had a rather miserable pregnancy, and chasing two toddlers wasn't fun during second and third tri. Especially because my middle child is a runner and a wild child, so she really kept me on my toes.

    Other than that, the biggest challenge is just when all three of them are crying or need me all at once. For example, one day I was BFing the baby, and DD1 (who was in the midst of potty training) pooped in her undies, so I had to pop the baby off my boob which made her cry, and put DD2 in her crib to keep her off the baby and out of trouble while I cleaned DD1, which made her cry, and DD1 was upset about having pooped so she was kind of crying too while I cleaned her up.

    The first three months were rough, but not terrible. I had a harder time adjusting to three kids than I did to two. But the benefits of having them close together outweigh the challenges for me, and things are not terribly difficult now. The worst part right now is keeping an eye on all three of them at the playground. (Everywhere else we go, at least two kids are contained in a stroller or shopping cart and baby carrier.) Oh and DD3 still doesn't STTN, so I am tired a lot, and there are nights where the older girls don't sleep well, so sometimes I don't get even one full hour of sleep at a time.

    I do get naps though, since the older two girls nap at the same time and I can get the baby to sleep if she lays in bed with me. It's awesome to see how much they love each other, and to hear the baby laugh when her sisters talk to her. You can see in the baby's face, it's like she can't wait to start walking and talking so she can join in the fun of playing with her sisters - I love it!



  • Thanks all for your thoughts! We are pretty much sold on the idea, and I think having two that are 16 months apart has given me a glimpse as to what will be the most challenging parts of the first year at least... But I am already reaping the benefits of having them close together, so I am very excited about the prospect of three close together growing up together!

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  • We will have 3 under 4 unless this is a twin pregnancy then it will be 4 under 4 ;-)  We did IVF so it's a possibility and we won't know 'till the 7th. 
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  • we have 3u3 (3u26months actually)

    Honestly the worst part for me was pregnancy with how little my first two were. Also my pregnancy kind of sucked in general.

    Even at only 7 weeks in to having all outside babies life is sooo much easier than it was while pregnant. My 1&2yr old play so well together I can't wait until DS2 is old enough to join in the fun.

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