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Prophylatic Cerclage and Working

Possible?  I had an emergent cerclage last time and was on bedrest at home for the duration.  I really, really want to continue working if we have another baby so I'm trying to figure out the odds of being able to do if I had a preventative cerclage put in early on.  I have a desk job and don't have to do heavy lifting, but it is a M-F 9-5 hours upright. 

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Re: Prophylatic Cerclage and Working

  • It is very possible.... I had one placed at 12 weeks and I'm currently 20 weeks and doing great and doing normal activity.... I don't work but I'm a SAHM of a 2 yr old. My cousin lost twins at 22 weeks and her next pregnancy had a cerclage and worked until the end and even walked a few blocks to work everyday.

    It really depends in your body.... You will probably be monitored early and if they see anything worrisome they will change the restrictions. Oh and I'm also on P17 shots which I think really help
  • Thank you so much for the examples!  Last time the dr seemed to imply that things would go much better if the stitch was put in before things went bad, but we didn't discuss restrictions specifically.  I can't imagine not being able to care for my daughter at home either :(   I'm going to google P17 shots because I have no experience with that.
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  • Yep, I currently have a prophylatic cerclage after delivering my DS at 24 weeks. I had the cerclage put in preventatively, without any signs of cervical problems, at 13 weeks. I started the 17p shots (google Makena - name brand) at 16 weeks. I'm currently 28 weeks and cervix still looks great! No activity restrictions other than no sex. I'm at home caring for my 2 year old as well and helping take care of my mother battling cancer. It's a lot of activity and I'm so thankful I've been able to do it all.
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  • Totally possible, but don't count on it.  I had one placed at 14 weeks with no sign of problems and also started the 17p shots at 16 weeks, and was only put on pelvic rest, everything else normal, until 22 weeks 5 days when my cervix did start shortening.  I am now down to just 1.3 cm of cervix with the cerclage still holding strong, and I am on strict bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.  I didn't think this would happen to me so I wasn't prepared at all- financially or otherwise.  Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I just want to present both sides.  I do know many women who have continued working the whole time and their cervix never shortened.  I think it depends a lot on how severe your issues are- which there really isn't any way of knowing until you go through another pregnancy.  My MFM told me there is definitely something "structurally wrong" with my cervix and if I choose to go through another pregnancy I will need a transabdominal cerclage (TAC) so I am probably worse off than average.  My advice would be to just plan ahead as much as you can and don't do much of anything else other than work (housework, cooking, etc- get help with this stuff!).  Best of luck to you!
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