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My mom and I were at Sams Club and they had a Sophie with a stuffed Sophie for like $25, I said that was a good deal since the regular Sophie is about that much.  I told my mom that Sophie is a huge hit right now with teething babies (LO isn't teething yet) So the bought it for him for an xmas gift. 

My question is why is Sophie such a big hit? why is she the hottest thing?  

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  • I'm not sure about the stuffed Sophie, but the regular Sophie is made out of all natural rubber and food paint. No chemicals and BPA!

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  • Well Lillian hasn't told me yet why she likes it better than the others Wink But I noticed she was frustrated biting on the other teether things because it seemed like she couldn't get them in her mouth where she wanted them. Once I got Sophie she could chew all different things - like the ears or legs. I don't know if that makes any sense but she loves Sophie! She has no teeth and has been chewing on Sophie for a few months now.

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • Sophie has been around for about 50 years.  (sidenote - the baby in Three Men and a Baby has one)  It's softer than most other teethers, easy to grab and squeak, and apparently delish.  

    I really don't know but my son LOVED it.  He didn't use any other teether ever.  My DD has been pretty meh about it though - she seems to prefer the cold rings. 

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  • Nicholas loves Soph (thats what we call her)! He sees her and his little eyes light up!! It's a mystery to me why he likes the little giraffe so much! My hubby and I had a whole debate about it the other day and just couldn't figure out why he loves it so much. Some things you just can't explain! 
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  • My DD loves it too, but only to chew on and not so much to play with.  She chews and it makes that rubber rubbing noise.  She really likes chewing on the feet.  It did take her a while to figure out how to hold it though, she kept holding the feet and sticking herself in the face with the head.

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