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Need sleep training help/tips

DD is 5.5 months old. Since she was about 7 weeks we have done the same bedtime routine and night time routine. Bath bottle rock story bedtime...lights stay out, sound machine on. She has been sleeping in her crib in her room since 9 weeks. She slept 7-7 with no wakeups at 15 weeks. She had a growth spurt at 4.5 months and since than she has been getting up 2-3 times per night. The first week I had to feed her every 3 hours all night. Now she just wakes up 2-3 times and wants to comforted but does not seem to need to feed. She is recently weaned to the bottle. I give her a paci and pat her.  If that does not work I pick her up and rock her. She then falls back asleep but wakes up an hour or two later and it is the same thing. She has wanted to sleep until 8 a.m. the last 3 days but that is not possible as we have to be out the door by 7:40. I want to get her back on track and sleeping 7-7. Is there anyway to do this besides CIO. Neither her nor mommy is getting enough sleep :(
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Re: Need sleep training help/tips

  • Hi Momma, I know how hard it is to be sleep deprived and not sure where to go next.  You are such a good mom to want to support your daughter in sleeping better.

    There are a lot of books that are not CIO. Off the top of my head, i would suggest the Baby Whisperer or The No Cry Sleep Solution or Sleep Sense has two options one that is controlled crying and one is where you stay with the baby until they fall asleep.

     If you do find that you need extra support, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Hang in there, mama!


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