Pain months after CS?

Has anyone had pain a long time after the surgery or issues with scar tissue? What was done about it, if anything?  Did it go away?

I started having pain at and around my incision 6-7 months post-partum. Gets worse with activity. Dr. thought I had a hernia, but that's not it. No fever or obvious infection. I have no idea what's going on.  I've heard maybe it's scar tissue, but I've never had another surgery and don't really know what having scar tissue means long-term.

Re: Pain months after CS?

  • My only experience with scar tissue occurred after my ectopic pregnancy.  My left tube had ruptured right before surgery, so there was a lot of blood in my abdominal cavity.  My RE was able to repair my tube.  Although my RE had tried to suction out most of the blood, she said that blood is very caustic. 

    About six months post-op, I started noticing that I was in quite a bit of "pulling" pain right before I'd get my period.  My RE thought that maybe I had endometriosis.  By eleven months post-op, I couldn't stand the pain any more.  For a couple of days leading up to my period, there was so much pain in my pelvic area that it hurt to sit and stand.  I decided to have surgery to check for endo.  My RE didn't find any endo, but she found a lot of scar tissue. My left ovary, left tube, bowel, and pelvic wall were all attached together with scar tissue.  Removing the scar tissue solved my pain problem.

    Accoding to my RE, the only way to know if scar tissue is causing a problem is to have surgery.  Surgery can cause more scar tissue, so it ends up being a catch-22 sometimes.

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  • My scar is still sensitive on the outside and it hurts to press anything against it.  C/s was done over a year ago.  I don't wanna even think what is going on internally.  A friend had her bladder seperated from her uterus during her rcs bc they grew together from scar tissue after the first.  For me it's just a dull pain I know I'll have to live with for who knows how long.  But if it's stabbing pain, or something that really disrupts your life I would see the doctor. 
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  • I'm almost 5 months PP and I have still have some aches from time to time. Sometimes when I'm on my back and I have LO standing on my tummy- it will hurt in one area a little more than usual and I still have some numbness in spots... but I believe everything I feel/ or don't feel is suppose to be normal.
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