Does a vbac delivery usually take less time than baby #1

I was induced with DS and went into active labor after receiving cervidil. I dilated to a 4 and then I got an epidural and my OB broke my water. They started pitocin but I never dilated anymore. I have always wondered if I hadn't gotten the epi if I would have continued to dilate. Anyone get to a 10 with their first and then end in C/S. If so did it take as long to get to a 10 with your vbac? I am just wondering about labor times with a second baby in a birth canal that has never been used, would it be like a first delivery?
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Re: Does a vbac delivery usually take less time than baby #1

  • I got to 10 with my first and pushed for three hours and then got a c-section. I was in labour for 16 hours in all, from first contraction to birth. I was in labour with my second, from first contraction to birth, for two hours- most of which was pushing.
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  • I had a CS with DD just bc the dr was in a rush. I was only in labor for 3 hrs and she didn't descend. So my pelvis was not "proven".

    My labor with DS was 3 hrs from SROM/first contraction to delivery.
  • I was induced with my first LO. After a long induction that started mid Thursday morning with Pitocin, I received an epi at 5cm on Friday afternoon. I was fully dilated by 11pm. I pushed for 2 hrs and lo never descended into the birth canal. I had a csection.

    FWIW, the nurse on Thursday was not adjusting my Pitocin as my midwife ordered and when she came to check on me about six hours after the induction started, she was not happy. The nurse was only increasing at half the rate. : I was completely exhausted by Friday when I got the epi and couldn't cope with the contractions anymore.
  • I was induced with cervadil and then pit with my c/s baby for being post dates.  I only got to a 4, got the epidural and never dilated any further (stalled for 8 hours or so).  My OB called a section at the 24 hour mark.  I always wondered the same thing as you... did the epi stall labor or would it have mattered if I waited longer before agreeing to a FTP section.

     I had to be induced with my VBAC as well (for medical reasons this time, but still at 41w1d).  We had to skip cervadil since it's contraindicated for VBAC.  My MW did a low dose pit induction overnight instead to get things going.  Again, I only got to a 4 after almost 24 hours on pit.  I really wanted to hold off on an epi after my first birth experience, but I couldn't handle the pain so I got it at a 4 again.  I went from a 4 to complete in less than 2 hours, labored down for another hours since baby was high and the epi was working well and then pushed my 8pound14oz baby out in 20 min.  My total VBAC labor was 3 hours longer than my c/s labor and the epi was exactly what I needed to get things going, even though it didn't work that way for my first. Every baby and every labor is different. 

    My MW did say my labor was atypical for a VBAC.  She said the point to where you progressed last time is usually faster (ie - if you got to a 4 last time, it will take less time to get to a 4 this time).  Once you hit the point in labor where you stalled last time you tend to be more like a first time mom.  It was completely the opposite for me though.


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  • I cant remember for certain if i ever got to 10 or not, but i was not in labor at all when they scheduled me to be induced. I started right away with Pitocin, I believe. The nurse said it kickstarted the labor and contractions began. I started off at 1, then was somewhere around 4 when I had an epi, and i know for sure she said i was at 7 at some point after that. I am wholeheartedly convinced that my OB was just tired and wanted to go home. She had pulled a double the day before (i know since I had an appt) and was pulling a double again that day. Since we had started labor without my son being fully ready for delivery, he wasn't dropping. Apparently the sonogram had the med staff convinced he could have been as large as 10lbs and was the likely reason he wasn't dropping. They thought he was too big for me to deliver naturally. After the c-section that I should have done more to prevent, my 10-pounder was only 7lbs 6oz, 13" head circumference. Among other issues, I will never go back to that hospital, that OB and i'll punch the one nurse who literally ran out on me and didn't know how to help me when i asked her to show me how to breastfeed. I'm going to insist on a VBAC and consult with a different OB beforehand for #2
  • I didn't get to a 10 with DS before our c/s, but I was talking with my dr about this very thing this morning.  She said that 2nd (and 3rd, 4th etc) babies come faster than the first because your body already knows what to do, and it doesn't matter if you only got to a 4-5 (like me) or if you got to 10 and were pushing before the c/s. 

    So a 2nd baby *should* be a shorter labor than the first no matter what.  

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