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XP: Middle Name Dilemma

Hi Ladies,

So we need some help.

#2 is a boy, and we're actually trying to sort out a middle name first, and then do the first name.  It's a wee bit backwards, but it's kind of working for us.  Until now.

DD's middle name was my choice and from my side of the family, so I'm leaving #2's middle name up to DH & his side of the family.

However, due to a long complicated family history, he's narrowed it down to 2 of his absolute best friends in the world that are essentially brothers to him.  They were both in the Canadian Army with DH, and they were both Best Men at our wedding.

They both mean the absolute world to DH, and through his life, have been more of brothers to him than his biological brothers.  It was DH who taught me that your family doesn't always have to be biological, and having met these two amazing, amazing guys, I completely agree.

So since we're only having one baby, but have two options for a middle name (we don't want to use the other as a first name), can you offer any suggestions as to which one to pick?

One is Roman, the other is Paul.  Our last name starts with P and has one syllable.
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Re: XP: Middle Name Dilemma

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