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Middle Name Trouble: Gwendolyn

We're set on Gwendolyn for a girl. I don't know what a good middle name would be though. I would like to use a family name. Here are some options:

My mom's first name (she died when I was 12): Selicia

My sister's middle name: Hope

My best friend's name: Dannah

We don't necessarily have to use a family/friend name, so other names might work. I know I don't want something that ends with N because that wouldn't sound right (ex: I like the name Susan, but Gwendolyn Susan sounds weird). I also don't want anything with a Z, X, or Q in it. Finally, it should probably be something short since Gwendolyn is long. 

We're having trouble with boy names too. We can't seem to narrow it down enough. Here are some favorites:









With middle name options:







Or other suggestions. 

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Re: Middle Name Trouble: Gwendolyn

  • Gwendolyn Hope = beautiful. I like the meaning behind the other mn options, but they might be too complicated to go along with the first name.

    For boys: I like Edmund/Edwin, the rest are a bit to bland or popular (Henry) for me, but still good solid names. 

  • I would go with Gwendolyn Hope.  It's beautiful and meaningful.  

    I don't love any of the names on your boy list like Gwendolyn Hope.  However, I think Henry, Martin, and Leonard (Leo) would probably be my favorites of the list.  What about Miles? Or Milo?   

  • I like Gwendolyn Hope the best, but I think I'd actually go with Gwendolyn Selicia.


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  • I like Gwendolyn Hope too. Gwendolyn is a 'heavy' name to me in sound, so I like it paired with a name that feels a bit lighter, like Hope. If you go with another name, I think keeping it short and light is a good idea- Gwendolyn Claire, Gwendolyn Brooke, Gwendolyn Pearl. 

    For boys I love both Barry and Martin. They are recognisable- everyone's heard of them- yet not widely used.

    Barry Michael, Barry Joseph, Barry Edmund, Martin Joseph, Martin David.  

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  • Like PP said, I like Gwendolyn Hope the best because the FN is long and "heavy". Hope has a nice flow and contrast to it when matched with that as a FN. We have very different styles of boys names but of the ones mentioned, I like Edwin and Joseph the best.

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  • Gwendolyn Hope is nice.

    Gwendolyn Lucille

    Gwendolyn Pearl

    Gwendolyn Mary

    Love almost all your boy names.

    Henry Michael

    Martin Joseph

    Peter Brian

    Barry Edmund (Would that be short for Bartholomew? I love Bartholomew!)

    Edwin David

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  • I like Gwendolyn Hope and I like Joseph Michael from your boy names.
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  • I like Rose for a middle name but I think you should use a name that means something to you.  That is what will matter in years to come.

  • I just asked for MN help for Gwendolyn yesterday! (Sroll down, and you can see the great suggestions I got!) I actually had Gwendolyn Hope on my list. I think its beautiful, and its extra nice since its a family name for you.

  • image SarahL77:

    I like Gwendolyn Hope the best, but I think I'd actually go with Gwendolyn Selicia.


    I agree, it would be a sweet way to honor your mom.

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  • If you scroll down a bit, there's another post about a MN for Gwendolyn from yesterday.
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  • Definitely Gwendolyn Hope... and I am a big fan of Edwin Joseph
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  • Most of you are agreeing with what we've discussed, and I really like that. My husband says he likes Hope for a middle name because it flows with the first name since the first name is kind of a mouthful.

    As for boys' names, I saw some of you put together Edwin or Edmund and Joseph which is cool because we were thinking of Joseph Edmund or Edmund Joseph (I can't seem to get by husband on board with Edwin, but I'll keep trying).

    I read one of the threads asking for middle name help with Gwendolyn, but I didn't really like the suggestions on that one. 

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  • Gwendolyn Hope

    Kevin Joseph

    Kevin Michael 

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  • image SarahL77:

    I like Gwendolyn Hope the best, but I think I'd actually go with Gwendolyn Selicia.




  • Gwendolyn Hope and Peter Justin!

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