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I've been asked a few times what brand I plan on using and get really weird looks when I say I don't plan on using them. People laugh and say you can tell I'm a FTM and that I will change my mind when the baby comes. My mom never used them for me and my sisters so I know you don't have to use them. Even if I change my mind and use them, I only plan to until 6 months or so. I don't want my 2 year old dependent on it. What are your opinions on them?

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Re: Pacifiers

  • My nephew was never given them and did fine so I'll probably try to go without
  • It really depends on the baby. DS showed a strong need to suck from day 1. I rarely used them when he was awake, they were mostly used for naps and bedtime. At some point, I don't remember when, I stopped offering them at naptime, and eventually bedtime. It was not difficult to wean him off.
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  • it's hard when people say stuff like 'oh you're just a FTM!' 

    you'll just haev to go into it just like labour - open minded and open to whatever comes your way.

    if  baby wants to suck then i'd rather have a soother than his thumb which cannot be taken away. 

    i also wouldn't set a time limit on how long you'll use them, you never know...just don't set yourself up for more stress  

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  • I think they are fine to use, as long as you wean them off of it before they are too old.  For instance, there's nothing worse than seeing a 5 yr old walking around sucking on a pacifier.  But if you start weaning them off and use it only for bedtime then slowly take it away I don't see the big deal.  My sister didn't use one with my nephew so he sucked his thumb.  It's a LOT harder to break someone of sucking their thumb/fingers than it is to take a pacifier away.

    I'm ok with using one if LO seems to need one, but he won't be using it for very long. 

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  • We never used them.  We experimented a little bit with them when DS was young, but honestly I found them to be a PITA and he was never a huge fan and I'm just not really a fan of them anyway.  However, I realize that every baby is different and there are different situations so I'd never say I'd NEVER use them, I'm just not the biggest fan is all.  Also, you're supposed to hold off on introducing them if you're trying to establish breastfeeding as well. 

    ETA: Also, if we ever did use them, I wouldn't plan on using it long so I'm with you on that.  After a time baby's need to suck wanes and it's easier to take something away when they're younger than years after the fact, you know?  Of course even after they need to satisfy their sucking reflex the pacifier can become a comfort object, but yeah... once the need for sucking wanes I'd rather them latch on to something else if they need an external comfort object.  JMO.  

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  • I plan on breast feeding so I'm going to try to avoid the Pacifier if at all possible. I was a pacifier baby and has such a strong need to suck that I was often put to bed with my bottle and had to have my top teeth taken out very young because they were damaged from sucking. It was horrible and those teeth didn't regroup in unto I was almost twelve. I'd figured out how to speak with out showing the empty space and had to be retaught .

    This is very uncommon but it was difficult enough for me that I wouldn't never want to put my child through it
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  • I never used pacifiers with either of my kids.  They are a hard habbit to break, it is a pain in the butt when they drop them and you do not have another clean one.  I am just not a fan.
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  • Personally I really hate seeing older kids with pacifiers, I wasn't going to use them but DS seem to like them so I ended up buying a few he used them to sleep and nap until he was 8 months old, I'm happy he was able to wean off early. 
  • We weren't going to use one either, but then they gave him one after his circumcision in the hospital.  He loved that thing, which worked out because he really needed to suck all day long.  He came out with sucking blisters from sucking his thumb in the womb.  Without it, he would, and still will, suck his thumb instead.  We have weaned him down to using it just for bed and when he's sick, but I'd rather him have the binky that I can eventually remove than his thumb, which he reverts to if we take away the binky.  My neices still suck their thumbs at ages 9 and 10!  You can't take away a thumb.  Some kids just need to suck on things.  The general rule of parenting I think it to never say never about anything.  You might use one, you might not.  For what it's worth, DS also breastfed until 19 months, so it obviously didn't cause an issue there either.  I remember people telling me to "just wait" and laughing when I said things, now I look back and laugh at myself.  I ended up doing exactly what those people told me I'd end up doing. ;)





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  • I agree that it depends on the baby. DS used them, but not very often and just stopped at about 4.5 months. I don't think they're the magic cure or dangerous evil that people on both sides argue.
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  • DS had a constant need to suck so we used them. It depends on the baby IMO. If this LO is the same I will not hesitate to use them again.

    I think using a paci is much better than allowing them to use their fingers or thump to suck on when they have that need. I just say I can take away a paci but not a hand. When DS tried to suck his thumb we removed it and offered the paci.

    We started weaning from pacis at 9 months and were completely done with them at a year.
  • studies show back to sleep with a pacifier reduce SIDS, so I will be using them.

  • While I think that yes, when you become a parent sometimes what you planned on doing changes, I think it's ridiculous when people act like you shouldn't have an opinion on what you'd prefer to do from the start.

    They can laugh at you and say you'll change your mind and use them. Or, you could plan TO use them, and I could laugh at you and say "ha, I tried them and my son would never take them, you'll see!" It doesn't make sense for either them or I to tell you your plans won't work out. I would just respond with "well, we'll see how it goes." 

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  • They were a life saver. DS wanted to suck all the time. By nine months he was down to car rides and sleeping. I was a thumb sucker til 6 and did not want him to do that at all costs. He also BF until a year and never had nipple confusion.
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  • We used them the first few months...mostly at night when LO woke to try to get them back to sleep. I have 2 thumb suckers though so they never really wanted them after they were able to get their thumbs regualrly on their own. 


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  • we didn't use them intentionally. I was very committed to nursing and feel that biologically, the need to suck should be satisfied by the breast... a lot of people pooh pooh nursing often about "he is using me as a pacifier!" when really that is what is meant to happen - helps bring your milk in and establish a proper supply. I don't really care whatsoever what others do but I didn't want to go there. Plus it is a habit I didn't want to have to break.

    I was fine with finger sucking, and seemed a more appropriate soother to me (and something he could 'find' without my help). He wasn't a thumb sucker at all though, he will still occasionally pop a finger or two in his mouth for comfort but it is rare.

    Luckily our hospital is "baby friendly" and in rooms with nursing moms they put up a sign about not using a paci. Nice to know that we won't be overruled there.


    In hindsight the only time a paci would have been good was in the car - H hated the car and screamed and screamed every time. But I doubt we would have been successful in limiting it to car only so... 

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  • I definitely agree with PPs when they say they'd rather use a pacifier than have them suck their thumb. I used a pacifier and my sister sucked her thumb (my mom tried to change her over to a pacifier, but she wouldn't take one) and it was a problem for her for a lot longer than me because she would put her thumb in her mouth unknowingly while she slept until she was around 8 years old. However, I'm going to try to either go without or only use one for bed time for LO because I had a really hard time weaning off of mine. 
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  • I agree with pp, never say never.  I swore I wouldn't give DS a pacifier, but when we realized he would soothe by sucking on our fingers at a couple days old, we decided to give him the pacifier.  He still uses it at 12 months, and I have no intention of weaning it from him right now since he is about to go through some major changes.  He will probably be weaned from it by 2.  
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  • DD never used one and she was fine.  I'm not against them but will try to avoid them if possible.
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  • We didn't use them with my first. I have no plans to use them with this baby either. I told them "no pacifiers" at the hosptial & we never looked back.
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  • I was a two finger sucker through third grade. I probably wouldn't have stopped even then except I had to have some orthdontia installed to retrain my tongue where to push when swallowing (I would push it against my teeth).

    I didn't want my DS to have the same habit so I intentionally introduced a paci when he was born. It was a good thing. In the ultrasound he was sucking his hand/thumb and he had a very strong need to suck.

    I will be honest that I didn't get that thing completely away from him until he was 3 but compared to my being 11 years old and still sucking my fingers I felt that I made the right decision.

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  • I think they serve a great purpose when the baby is young and has a strong need to suck, and it can provide a lot of comfort.  With my older sons, we've never used them past 6 months (took them away cold turkey).  I will do the same with this baby.
  • I was not opposed to them with DS1, he just didn't like it.  Every time I offered him one he would make a funny face (kind of like, what is this supposed to do) and it would just roll out of his mouth.  I had them just in case but he never liked them.  I got a couple as gifts this time around and we'll see if LO likes them, but like a PP said, I only would use them at nap and bed time to help with breaking the habit later.
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  • I never had a pacifier and I can't stand mobile toddlers with them. I will try my damnedest to avoid them. Mr. registered for some funny ones, but I told him already that I can't stand them. They're so bad for teeth. It's a huge pet peeve of mine seeing a 2 or 3 years old or older child with them.


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  • Pacifiers are def a personal choice.  I used them for DD and (unfortunately) at 2 1/2 she still has it.  I will try not to use it for the 2nd one.

    But then again, I didn't have a paci and sucked my thumb, my nephew does not use a paci and now sucks his thumb, so at least a paci you can get rid of.


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  • image codeaard:
    I've been asked a few times what brand I plan on using and get really weird looks when I say I don't plan on using them. People laugh and say you can tell I'm a FTM and that I will change my mind when the baby comes. My mom never used them for me and my sisters so I know you don't have to use them. Even if I change my mind and use them, I only plan to until 6 months or so. I don't want my 2 year old dependent on it. What are your opinions on them?

    DS used one- he loved it! But I am with you- I didnt want to have a 2 yr old that still had a pacifier. He was teething aroung 6 months and didnt want the pacifer.... after that I never offered it to him and he never noticed. It was a great transition! I plan to do the same this time around.

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