Help! Can't get twins on a schedule = no sleep

My twins girls were born at 36 weeks and are now 6 weeks old.  Initially I breast feed them every 3 hours and they were on the same schedule.  I will be going back to work in two weeks so I have been letting our nanny practice bottle feed during the day and I breast feed them at night.  I am hoping to be able to have enough supply to go on just feeding at night.  If not we will have to go all formula because pumping is not an option at work.  

It is impossible to get them on the same schedule.  Even when you try to wake the sleeping one up she just sleeps on while the other one feed.  They both wake up every 3-4 hours still and taking about 4 oz each time.  They take turn waking up and when they're up they just want to be held.  Or else they are screaming like something is pinching them.  

Any suggestions?  

When did your LOs start sleeping throughout the night? 

Re: Help! Can't get twins on a schedule = no sleep

  • I'm so sorry you're returning to work soon and your LOs aren't sleeping better at night but it's totally normal at this age.  I know that doesn't really help the situation but there's just not much you can do.  One of my girls started sleeping longer stretches around 7-8 weeks (it's such a blur, I don't remember when exactly, I just know it was a little before their 2-month appointment because I told the pediatrician about it) but the other one was still up every 2-3 hours.  I know it's tough, I BF'd too.  But it will get better.

    Is your DH helping with night time feedings?  Even if you BF, he could get the second baby up, change their diaper, try to keep them awake.  Then after you feed the first one, give that baby to him to burp while you feed the second one. 

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  • I woke them up. Like, no choice you are waking up! haha UM you may have a while yet till STTN. My kids started around 3ish months but then had some weirdo 4 month wakeful that was bad. Now they normally sleep 7-8 hours (bed at 8ish then get up around 3-4), back to bed for two hours and that's how it goes here. I ff too. We have it down to 1/2 an hour (they both sit in their Boppies with bottles propped).
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  • My babies are 3 months old and still nurse every 3 hours at night, so I bedshare.

    During the day, one baby takes four or five 30 minute naps and the other relies on one 1.5hr nap in the afternoon. They're lousy sleepers. One Up Both Up resulted in some seriously pissed off babies, so I'll try again in a month.
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  • We got into a good groove around 3 mo (35weekers) and on a good schedule at 6 mo. We always did One Up Both Up, which helped, but we fed on demand (in good part because they were very small and not great eaters - so when one ate, we fed the other too to give some semblance of routine). It gets a lot easier once they're awake a bit more.

     They still ate twice a night until 7 mo and once until about 11.5 mo, and both didn't consistently STTN until 14 mo or so.

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