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I know I'm not the only one...

but I need some reassurance right now.  DD does not STTN.  She used to.  She can.  But she started getting up once a night (sometimes more - UGH) I don't even know how long ago now, and has been doing it every night ever since.  It's frustrating and of course I hate it, but I'm not ready to do any kind of CIO and so I'm kind of just hoping she grows out of it.  Well, lately I feel like everyone has something to say about it - everyone thinks she should be STTN and they basically are making me feel like there's something wrong with me and her that she isn't.  Everyone else that I talk to (in person) with LOs around her age (give or take a few months) says there kids STTN and look shocked that DD doesn't.  So, please, any of you who are still dealing with this, please let me know so I don't feel so alone and like I'm doing something wrong.  TIA.
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Re: I know I'm not the only one...

  • You're not alone. DD wakes several times a night to nurse or comfort nurse. I just deal with it, its all I can do. We bedshare, so it's not so bad. I can't give you any advice, but it does take a lot of patience as eventually this will pass. I've dealt with it with all three of my children. 
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  • We started cio 3 nights ago abd i hate it!! He is sleeping better but my husband has to be make me stay out of his room. He only comfort nurses and he was up every 1.53 hours and i couldn't take it anymore so my husband took over and put his foot down!! Lol. His personality has only changed alittle and that is he wants me more at bedtime to snuggle so i really don't mind that. It does make me sad to not have snuggle time at night butttt i am so tierd so it is the best for us both. Cio is so hard especially in the middle of the night so if you have to resort to it eventually be prepared for tears of your own. Sorry im no help but i was against cio till like i said 3 days ago and hopefully in the next few days he will be sttn.
  • You're not alone. DD has never even come close to STTN. She usually wakes up an average of 6x/night. Last night she was up almost every hr. I knew it was gonna be a bad night when she was already up 4 times before midnight. 
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  • DS definitely isn't!  I'm happy if he wakes up once or twice!  

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  • My DS was the same as your kiddo at 9 months. He USED to STTN, but as soon as he hit 9 mos for some reason he began waking up once a night. Every night. Sometimes more than once. But, take comfort that now that he's close to 10 mos, he's back to sleeping through the night most nights. I've heard that this can be a rough patch for previous STTN-ers because so much is going on and they are learning so much during the day that they don't want to sleep.

    You're not doing anything wrong. It's just how their sleep goes. :-) 

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  • I'd be thrilled if DS only woke up once or twice. He wakes at least 3 times and often more and usually requires being held. We've tried to keep him in the crib but he will cry and cry and not fall asleep. About 30 min is the longest I've made it before picking him up I sit in the room with him usually.
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  • You're not alone. We did CIO at 5 months but that doesn't mean STTN. Yes, he can put himself back to sleep but when he's hungry, he's hungry. Until 7 months he was up 3 times a night, then 2x and now usually still once if not twice. I give him a chance to settle on hi own but if that doesn't work, I go right in and get him and will do that for as long as he needs. He'll STTN when he's ready. Hang in there. You're doing nothing wrong!
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  • You are noT alone! I know those exact looks you speak of getting also. I have however had enough. I decided since I had the week off to try ferber. I was shocked how little she cried. We just completed night 7 and she sttn! But it took consistency. And who knows if it will stick tonight. I think that you decide what's right for you and your family. I had to make a change. But if you are ok don't worry what others say. It's easy for others to say your child should or shouldn't be doing something. They aren't in your shoes. 
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  • My DD only has periods of STTN, then it's back to waking up. It never stays consistent. You aren't alone. PS my DD will not CIO, she's too stubborn.
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  • Just start lying...maybe it will come true :-) Tell people she sleeps, don't complain about her not sleeping, and then you won't be made to feel bad by the comments :-)

    but really, she will sleep eventually...or you'll figure out a way to help her learn that works for you and your family. 

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  • of course you aren't alone. just smile and nod at those people, you have to realize every child is different.

    I have a good friend, her son is two weeks younger than mine. Her son has always slept very well, from a young age. It's been tough being friends when mine is a crappy sleeper, she always looks good, gets to work out, yadda yadda.

    My son has STTN for a week of his life or so, around month five. Never since. He is BF and I think wakes for comfort nursing. I don't think he is hungry (gets plenty of breastmilk and solids during the day) but who knows.

    We refuse to CIO but it's HARD. It's been wearing on my husband and I and I am not sure what to do next.

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  • You are not alone. My dd wakes up sometimes 5 x a night after 11 pm  and she almost 11 months old .  She loves to nurse/comfort nurse . We started bed sharing because I was exhausted .  SOme nights are better other then others but I am giving my self a goal of moving her back into her crib and nightweaning after 12 months. I am really hoping she just loses interest in nursing so its not to painful  for either of us . 
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  • Most of the people I know with babies don't STTN, at least not consistently. My did start STTN about every other night when she was 8 months, but we just did a big international trip so you can bet that's not holding for the time being. I hope she'll go back to it in a couple weeks. 

    My point is just that it comes & goes - everything's a phase and will pass, as my fellow mama (of 3) likes to say.  

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  • B wakes 1-3 times a night for a bottle.  We have tried letting him CIO but he does not calm down.  We have tried comforting him and then leaving but that just makes him even more mad.  The only thing that works is to give him his bottle and then he will roll right back over and go to sleep again.
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  • There could be several causes. 

    Is your LO thirsty? I keep a sippy cup with water nearby so my LO can drink something at night. My guy will drink a little a drift right off to sleep. It usually happens during the heat.

    Also you might get up and feed your LO. My guy will also wakes up to eat.  Sometimes he just isn't interested in eating during the evening time. He wants to be held by Dad.

    Check your nap time. Some LO can get confused between night and day schedules. My little guy tends to get awakened by his big sister and it throws off his schedule. Then I pay that night for his off sleep.

    Also there are some kids that do not need sleep like others. My aunt has always gotten by on very little sleep. even as a child she only needed a couple of hours. My father still tells stories of her riding her bike through their bedrooms at night because she was up and ready to go! She only needed about four hours.

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  • my little girl didn't start sleeping through the night until about almost 10 months old and still wakes up randomly for a bottle in the middle of the night and she's almost 11 months old. your not doing anything wrong maybe it could be separation anxiety? or teething?
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