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smaller car seats?

Hi all. DS just turned 9 months and this is my first post here. I'm looking for a car seat that will fit in my VW beetle. We have a safety 1st air protect in our primary car which is a regular sedan and it barely fits. Can anyone recommend a smaller convertible seat? I don't want to spend a lot since this is the secondary car but he's outgrown the infant seat. Thanks!
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Re: smaller car seats?

  • Is it the Complete Air?  If so, it passes testing at 30 degrees, the line is at 45, so it can be more upright, taking up less room.  Smaller seats might be the Safety First Guide 65 (80$) or the Cosco Scenera (39$) you can get both at walmart.  They will both probably need a pool noodle or towel to get the right angle (you can read about this in the manual), but they can also be more upright.  The Guide has a more upright line on it.





  • We have the Safety 1st Guide 65, and it's advertised as one of the most compact car seats.  They say you can fit 3 across the back seat at the same time.
  • We have a Combi. Works great in my Honda Fit. There are lots of reviews for it at Babies R Us. I don't believe they sell it in the store. We bought it on their site. Worth checking out!
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