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I'm turning into a B-word

I have always been oppinionated, but lately, I am out of control.  I am finding myself unable to hold back when I'm pissed off.  I've taken to just isolating myself so I don't get angry at the things around me like; me doing yard work while my boyfriend and his two boys (ages 6 & 7) play video games inside, or me doing the laundry and having to fight with the boys to put their clothes away, or me doing the dishes only to turn around and find a bunch more after I've started the dishwasher.  I'm just not able to bite my tongue like I used to anymore.  Is it the hormones?
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Re: I'm turning into a B-word

  • Yes. And I can give my own example of how I've turned into a hairy-eyed witch. Someone started to pull out (for a left turn) across our path this morning, a young woman talking on a cell phone. I was on the passenger side so I was closest to her, and I slammed my hand against the window so hard it hurt and yelled something extremely angry and obscene at her. It was cold, so everyone's windows were closed, but my anger was so apparent that she actually flinched in her seat. I think I scared her even through two glass windows. And I was shaking with anger for ten minutes afterwards even though it was really NBD. I can't believe what a short fuse I have these days.
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  • Um.... if MH and our kids (that we don't have at the moment) were in playing video games while I was doing all the housework or they were making a mess behind my cleaning up, I'd be a (justified) witch. That's just rude, ungrateful, and inconsiderate. And from your BF? That's setting a bad example.

    You don't need the pregnant hormones thing to justify mouthing off for that! 



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  • OP - I was a nasty B about those things before getting pregnant.  Since being pregnant (with twins so double the crazy hormones), I have growled at DH that not only is risking his life by playing COD when I need help, but that it would be considered justifiable homicide and no jury of my peers (pregnant women) would convict.  Needless to say, my house is spotless and the video game goes on after I go to bed.


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  • Could be hormones--could be that all three boys (boyfriend included) need to get a clue!
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