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Someone pinch me!

Hi ladies, still pretty new here. Posted a few weeks ago but took a break. After not having too many symptoms, I was a little concerned. Had my second U/S today. I'm 6 weeks 5 days and we were able to see and hear the heartbeat today! It was so amazing! 158bpm! Our little peanut is really there. I feel pretty good too. No morning sickness. Just very tired and sore boobs.  After 2 years of TTC, 1 miscarriage and 1 IUI cycle, our dreams came true! I feel like I'm on top of the world. Hoping everyone is doing well and here's to a healthy pregnancy for us all!
Married 11/28/01. Me: 31- Elevated FSH 9.1 Hubby: 35- Low sperm count/mobility/ RA meds. TTC since Oct 2010. BFP- Nov 2010, ended in MC Dec 2010. Laporoscopy for possbile ectopic/D&C. TTC again since March 2011- no success. Fertility Dr- May 2012. Lots of B/W, HSG, Laporoscopy. All came back normal. Determined it was a male factor. IUI#1- Sept 2012. Clomid, 2 shots of Bravelle, 1 trigger shot of Ovidrel and daily progetrone suppositories. 4 Follicles,3 good ones, 1 small one. TWW.

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