What's worse - last weeks of pregnancy or c-section recovery?

Just based on how your body felt, would you rather relive the last week of your pregnancy or the first week after your c-section? 

I have just started to hit the proverbial wall and trying to figure out when I can expect some relief physically. Does it get worse before it gets better?




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Re: What's worse - last weeks of pregnancy or c-section recovery?

  • Being pregnant at the end was harder than the c/s recovery. At least in recovery I could take narcotics. :p

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    Being pregnant at the end was harder than the c/s recovery. At least in recovery I could take narcotics. :p

    I agree with this.  The end of my pregnancy sucked, but I didn't find the c-section recovery hard at all.

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  • For me I'd MUCH rather relive the end of the pregnancy. I don't want to scare you, but I had a really hard time after the c-section. It's not like that for everyone!
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    This is kind of a tough question because I don't remember being miserable at the end at all.  I was on bedrest and I think that actually helped not having to move a ton.  My c-section recovery wasn't bad at all. What I remember being the worst was the engorgement and constipation afterwards.  However, the drawback to the c-section recovery is that you have two babies to take care of that aren't big fans of uninterrupted stretches of sleep. :-) 
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  • C-section was definitely worse for me, but I had a horrible experience. I think my experience with the section is pretty uncommon (double whammy then infected incision that required hospitalization). 
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  • I would relive my c/s recovery a million times over than to be pregnant again. I was in so much pain toward the end of my twin pregnancy, baby A was laying on a 14 cent size cyst on my right ovary and baby B was up literaly in my rib cage so I couldn't breath. The c/s recovery wasn't fun (day 2/3 there are horrible gas pains) but they went away and then I was just taking it slow.


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  • My cs was a breeze. The day after was a little tough, but that was it. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy were horrible.
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  • C section recovery was awful! Laying on the couch all day the last few weeks was cake!
  • I'd say the c-section recovery.
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  • I would rather relive my csection recovery!
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  • C/s recovery was much more manageable. I was so happy to have my body back and able to move around. I was back to full functioning capacity within 2 weeks easily. 

    The end of pregnancy,well yeah. It wasn't pleasent.

    So,focus on the fact that most likely it can only get better from here. Plus,having babies you can love on versus only being to feel them really makes it easier. 

  • Last weeks of pg.  I wasn't in pain, just uncomfy. 
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  • I would definitely relive the c-section recovery. From the second baby b was removed, I felt incredibly better. C-section recovery was tough but nothing like the last month of pregnancy.
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  • For me the recovery was worse. I was uncomfortable at the end but could walk easily, albeit slowly, without pain and I could wear normal shoes. I was also doing well with nighttime sleep and being able to rest during the day. With the csection recovery I was in pain for 2 to 3 weeks, my feet were painfully swollen for 2.5 weeks, I had to wear men's size 12 slippers when I normally wear a women's size 9, I wasn't getting enough sleep with two newborns in the home and breastfeeding around the clock. I also had to wear an abdominal binder to help keep everything in place and be able to walk seminormally.
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  • Last few weeks of pregnancy seem to last forever, c section recovery was quick and you can take pain meds.  I felt so much better just days after my c section but I don't want to relive any of it.  :)
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  • I was really uncomfortable the last week of my pregnancy and the csection recovery wasn't bad but the worst part of my recovery was the swelling.... I'm still trying to get rid of the swelling in my legs !
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  • Pregnancy was muuuuch worse than the recovery!  Then again I had cholestasis and was itching constantly for a month. 
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  • The end of my pregnancy (the last 4 weeks) were pure torture for me-I think the first month was so manageable (even with the c-section) because I was getting more sleep and could do more things after having them. 
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  • I'd take the c-section recovery any day. Those last few weeks of pregnancy were awful.

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  • The whole last month was hell for me.  I hated being pregnant. With twins it was even harder.  Its like you want them to stay in as long as they can so they can be healthy but at the same time you're feeling guilty for secretly wishing they would come out so you can breath and sleep.
  • I had mine at 34w,2d and I would have to say being pregnant at the end was worse (my whole pregnancy was a nightmare and at the end the Pre-E and cholestatsis and dealing with my daughter's severe IUGR was overwhelming plus having such a big belly)! My kids were in the NICU so I had a ton of help from nurses and got to heal from my c-section for 3 weeks before they came home.
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  • Last weeks of pregnancy were the WORST.  The only bad thing I remember from csection recovery was that the incision area would feel like a burn if I went too long between pain medicine doses.  At least when you are recovering from csection you have the babies to hold instead of kicking the sh!t out of your ribs/bladder/ makes a huge difference.  Take lots of pictures and just focus on surviving, it is VERY hard but totally worth it.
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  • Reading these responses makes me think I had the easiest twin pregnancy ever! My pregnancy was cake compared to my experience with a c-section recovery. I slept really well through the end of the pregnancy (37w4d) and sure I was huge and uncomfortable, but I would much rather take that than the first week after the c-section with two newborns.  I got no sleep at all, I was in pain from both the surgery and bf-ing....couldn't get in and out of bed easily, couldn't stand up without hunching over, I practically lived in my abdominal binder for the first 8 weeks. I was too uncomfortable without it!

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