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Stupid hunger

I had gotten in bed...just about ready to go to I'm hungry again.  As in STARVING!  As in haven't eaten in a week hungry.  Off to the kitchen to eat three bites and be stuffed beyond capacity...
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Re: Stupid hunger

  • All I wanted since I woke up this morning was chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. I finally talked DH into bringing me home some, ate like 4 or 5 bites and couldn't fathom eating anymore I was so full. I gave the rest to DH, who was more than willing to finish it off, and now here I lay starving again wanting the rest of my food.... ugh.... 
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  • My stomach growled so loud so many times last night while I tried to fall asleep. Is it bad it woke me up a couple times before I was fully out? Still, I didn't cave (this time). 

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  • I am right there with you! Past midnight here, can't sleep and have a sudden need to eat! Sadly, nothing sounds good :/ This is the first day in a week I haven't lost a meal!

  • I feel you all! I will finally get the craving for something - eat like 5 bites and be stuffed!! Then an hour later I'm starving again! So weird.

  • Yeah, I went out to lunch with husband and got a chicken salad bagel sandwich, which is usually enough to fill me up. I inhaled it and was still starving. I *may* be eating a bowl of cap'n crunch berries at my desk. I haven't had sugar cereal in forEVER. It's the best thing ever.
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  • I am right there with you, I swear my body is so high maintenance these days. Eat 5 bites, bloated, starving an hour later, nauseous any time I wait more than an hour between "meals"...all day long. I am exhausted from trying to keep myself fed, keep enough snacks made to get through a work shift, grocery shopping, food prep...not to mention that I have an aversion to almost everything I've already eaten in the last 4 weeks (probably because i was partially nauseous when I ate it last.) Feeding myself is like a full-time job. Exercise helps the nausea but also increases my need to eat. And despite my best efforts I've already lost 5 pounds. Argh!
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  • I am the same way.  I finally have gotten into the habit of ordering smaller meals but for weeks I would think I was a bottomless pit and then be full after a few bites.... My DH has enjoyed all the leftovers though :-)

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  • I hear ya! At about 7 weeks I found myself waking up at 5am needing to eat something. I was always worried that I'd wake DH or our roommate whenever I went to the kitchen to fry up an egg. Thankfully they're both heavy sleepers and were just really surprised to see me awake when they left for their fishing trips an hour later (we have a lake close to our city, so the boys take off there pretty much every Saturday). Try snacking on whole wheat toast (or at least 60% whole wheat, if you're like me and used to only eat white breads) or raw baby carrots. I found that tends to fill me up if I just keep the bag next to me, and then I don't over-eat and feel too "stuffed". The smaller meals thing helps too. I've gotten into the habit of splitting up my usual meals. So if for instance we cook up steak and stir fry rice, I'll have the rice first (or whichever food cooks the fastest) and the steak an hour later. That way I can still have MY dinner at 5pm and DH can eat later, around 8pm like he's used to. Occasionally I end up breaking my own rules and eating way more than I should in one sitting, but then I regret it because I feel so sick to my stomach and can't get comfortable. Hopefully things will get better in the second trimester. *crosses fingers*
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