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My good friend is throwing me a shower in a couple weeks. She wanted to have it in her home, as she and her husband just built a new house, and this will be the first time many people (myself included) will get to see it. I was thinking of doing a hostess gift that also is somewhat of a housewarming present. Or is that tacky? I had planned on getting her a gift card to her salon as the hostess gift, but I am at a loss as to what I could throw in there for a housewarming present. I usually do a bottle of wine, but she hates wine. She's also not a candle person. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm not very creative.

Thanks in advance!! 

Re: Hostess/Housewarming Gift

  • How about a nice fall wreath?
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  • image GraceyandTroy:
    How about a nice fall wreath?

    That`s a great idea.

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  • When we moved into our house, we received a tall glass vase (type you can fill with decorational items) filled with goodies.  I can't tell you how much use we get from that vase!  Every season we put something different into it (mini pumpkins, scented pinecones, christmas ornaments, easter eggs, etc.).  They're so versatile, you can use them with pretty much any type of decor.
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  • I love oil diffusers from Pier One Imports. A lot of my friends also really like Scentsy products and plug-ins from Bath and Body Works.
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  • If she doesn't like wine you can give her martini glasses. Peir one imports has really cute martini glasses and shakers. 
  • OR you can get her one of those picture frames that make up her name (or last name) with different images.  Those are always cute. 
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