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Should we switch formula

My son was born 8/26/12 at 34 weeks. He started out on Similac Advtange...just what they give you in the hospital. He was having a hard time going #2 so we switched him to Similac Soy. He is now able to use the bathroom but seem to be spitting up a lot more as well as very gassy. His tummy seems to hurt him so bad. He will cry and scream until he passes the gas or burps. Seems like everytime he burps he is spitting up too. We have been thinking about trying another formula to see if that would help. Can I have your opinions? Our dr suggested the switch to Soy and we go back to see her at the end of this month but thought I would see if anyone else has dealt with this.

 My 1st son had this same problem and switching him to soy fixed him right up, doesn't seem to help though.


Re: Should we switch formula

  • We put dd on similac sensitive after the advance gave her diarrhea and the soy gave her horrible gas. Our doctor didn't really want to leave her on soy unless she was lactose intolerant but she just seems to be lactose sensitive. Hopefully you can figure it out! Its a huge drag trying to find the right formula!
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  • I think sometimes you gotta try different formulas to see what works. We used Enfimil Newborn in the hospital, but a few weeks later LO had some bad gas, so we switched to Target Brand soy, didn't help too much, and he was major stinky on it- so we went back to the Newborn, but its so expensive, costing us $35 a week.  So I moved him to the Target brand premium, its like the Enfimil Infant- I switched him slowly (adding the new formula every other bottle for a few days) so far hes ok on it.  Hopefully you can find something that works! 
  • We were sent home with Similac too. It went right through him everytime we fed him. We actually switched to Gerber Good Start Gentle and he's been great.
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  • my question is why didnt you breastfeed him while in hospital?

    if he has a sensitive tummy try soy or switch to sensitive formulas. but breastmilk is more easily digested so you wouldnt have any problems like this.

  • We tried several...started on Similac Sensitive at the hospital but noticed he was consitpated shorty after we got home so we tried Enfamil Newborn and that gave him horrible gas pains.  We tried Enfamil Gentlease and that made him consipated too but not as bad as the Similac.  Finally tried Gerber Gentle and it worked.  He is able to have normal BMs and manageable gas.  Every baby seems different and it took us months to figure out what works.  And try Colic Calm or Tummy Calm, it did miracles for us!
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  • Soy is really not the best thing for them unless they just absolutely cant handle regular formula. I'd try switching to one of the gentle/sensitive formulas. Mine only had BM, Similac Advance then finally Gerber Good Start Gentle. Gerber worked the best for her tummy.
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