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So we started our DS on Zantac for reflux and have seen no change.  He is EBF and basically screams, arches and squirms after feedings and most of the day. He burps ok but is really gassy.  Doesn't spit up much but has symptoms of silent reflux.  He doesn't sleep well during the day and is overall miserable.  Zantac has not helped.  I cut dairy and caffeine out of my diet but did not see a change.  There may have been things with hidden dairy that I wasn't even aware of, so not sure we can rule this out.  But his stools are completely normal.  He just screams his head off all day long.  The Dr. was going to prescribe Prevacid and then if that didn't work she said to try Nutramigen formula.  I would rather have my baby on formula if it helps him than putting him on medication.  Anyone have similiar issues that Nutramigen has helped??

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Re: Nutramigen Formula

  • L started nutramigen at around 3 weeks. She had milk and soy intolerance, colic, silent reflux and bad gas. I didn't notice a huge difference because of her reflux but once that got treated at 6 weeks she turned a corner. I can say even though there wasn't a really "night and day" difference like some describe it was better than her being on regular or soy milk. Give it a full week, but hopefully it will be a quicker relief.

    Lillian April 17, 2012
  • DS1 had MSPI and like you I tried everything to continue to BF for three months.  He screamed nonstop--I am not exaggerating and I almost lost my damn mind.  It still haunts me to this day.  I have a hard time hearing babies cry.  We switched to Alimentum (Similac's Nutramigen) Ready to Feed (He took to it better b/c it doesn't have corn starch which can irritate little tummies).  It took a week to get him to accept it b/c it tastes nasty, but after that week I had a totally different kid.  He went from waking every two hours SCREAMING to waking once a night.  He also toned down the constant all day crying.  I wish I would have done the switch sooner.  Don't beat yourself up, you are doing him a favor too b/c he will feel so much better. 
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  • im sorry breasfeeding isnt working out ): but really dont beat yourseflf up

    you are trying the best you can.

    and you have tried the gas relief drops?


    i hope you have better luck sweetie and i congratulate you on EBF (:


  • Thank you.  We have tried gas drops, colic calm, warm compress on his tummy, nursing on only one side thinking he was getting too much foremilk from oversupply, and the zantac for reflux.  I am running out of options so I really hope this formula helps him.  It is completely breaking my heart to see him so miserable.  I also have a 19 month old at home and I feel like I am completely neglecting him because of the struggles with the baby. 
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  • We went through almost two weeks of nonstop screaming as well! We tried gentlease, Alimentum and Zantac with no relief. Then switched to Prilosec and Nutramigen saved our lives! Super expensive but worth every penny!
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