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Help! Breast Pump Cleaning

Ok, so I always rinse my breast pump with super hot water as soon as I use it. I also wash with soap and water every few days. I should have known better, but there was a part of the pump I was apparently not getting clean - between the plastic and the diaphragm part. It started dragging today and I took it apart thinking I needed to replace something and saw a buildup of milk gunk. And one side had a brown stain in the "head" part of the plastic/diaphragm part. Of course, I freaked, washed everything and then boiled everything.

I am so terrified that I've made my 4-mo. old sick! I feel like such a terrible mother! How would I know if I have in fact made him sick?

Re: Help! Breast Pump Cleaning

  • Has he had any symptoms of being sick? I use the medela quick steam bags and LOVE them. They're fairly cheap at BRU and it literally takes 3 minutes to steam everything in the microwave...Super easy.
  • You would know if you made him sick, if he was sick. It's not ideal that this happened, but I would not worry about it unless he seems ill. Just wash it every day I can't imagine not doing that [just my opinion].

    I wash mine every day but I guess I was not scrubbing enough in a little dented in area and I found some gunk there once. Maybe it's bc I am a second time mom but I just said to myself, LO did not ever seem ill, so oh well, I will just scrub better from now on. Don't beat yourself up over it things happen.
  • I washed my parts every day when I was pumping, but during the day or in-between pumpings I would put the pump parts that collected the milk in the refrigerator so that I didn't have to continue to rinse them out and run the risk of having them spoil on me during the day. While I was at work I just put the whole thing in my cooler bag and put it in the fridge here at work. No one knew any difference between it and another lunch bag. But I never had anything grow on any of my parts. You can also use the small brushes that are by Doctor Browns to help scrub out those itty bitty channels in your connector piece. I did that each time I washed too since the fatty proteins build up in there and are hard to get out. :) Just some helpful advice.
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