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My Jellybean!

Hello! I am 11 weeks and since i cant eat peqanuts, i dont want to refer to my baby as peanut, so they are my Jellybean!! I am really interested in cloth diapers(thoughts?) and making my own baby food! This is such an amazing experience and can't wait till i get bigger!

Re: My Jellybean!

  • Congrats on your jellybean! :)

    I, too, am interested in cloth diapering and making my own baby food. Since it's still so early for me I'm having trouble thinking ahead too much, but I let myself do some research about diapers the other day. Maybe we can share tips as we go along!

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  • Congrats on yours too! Ya, im starting to get further along, so i'm really escited to gather ideas!! And yes, I would love to share ideas!
  • Congratulations! Cloth diapers are NOT for me, but I have friends who use them happily. As for food I plan to do what I did last time.. a mix of mashed up whatever we're eating with some store bought fruit purees.
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  • How did you go about making the food? what was the process?
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    How did you go about making the food? what was the process?

    There are tons of websites about it.. or head up to the library or Barnes and Noble and check out baby food making books. It has gotten very faddish over the past few years so there are lots of different information sources. Also.. don't think too hard about it right now. You've got about a year before baby will be interested in food..
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  • This is the website we used when we started making DD food .  It's very informative of course we couldn't keep up so we did the same thing as babyonthebrain and started blending what we are eating or just using jarred food.
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  • I made DD's baby food the whole time until she transitioned to chopped up table food.  It's very easy. You can find many recipes online but essentially I just steamed and pureed the food (cuisinart smartstick - $35 at costco at the time I bought it) and froze it in icecube trays.  After it froze I dumped the cubes in ziplock freezer bags and had a variety of baby food available anytime.  Really quite simple:)


    The only thing I did not make was the rice cereal in the beginning.  I bought that until she was about 6/7 months and then started making congee with added veggies/fish/meat for her (boiled down rice soup).  


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  • We also have been calling ours Jellybean.  I've been wanting to use that since we first started TTC when a DJ came on the radio that was called Jellybean.  I just thought it was perfect.

    I have also been contemplating cloth diapering.  I'm not a fan of the harsh chemicals in the diapers or the ecological impact.  DH is concerned about the mess and the laundry and the smell...

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