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4 month sleep regression - sleep training

So my LO was a great sleeper up until the 4 month mark. We would put her down at 7, dream feed at 9:30 and she would go until 7 sometimes waking at 3 to eat.

Since about 4 1/2 months (3 long weeks ago) her sleep has deteriorated, at first I thought it was teething but now I don't think that's the only reason. She is now up every hour for some comfort (return her paci, hold her hand until she falls asleep) and I am completely wiped from this newborn sleep behavior! She has also been harder to get down for naps and her naps are much shorter.

I am considering sleep training, has anyone had any success or has anyone's LO gone through the 4 month torture and gone back to being a healthy sleeper without training? I just don't know if I can do CIO?

Re: 4 month sleep regression - sleep training

  • I haven't done sleep training but my LO did a regression too.  Up until a few weeks ago he would sleep from 7pm-4ish and now he wakes up around 2am most nights as well.  I know up twice shouldn't bother me but he was doing so good and I felt I good!  Naps have gotten bad too.  He used to nap for at least an hour a few times a day, now I am lucky if naps for 30 mins each time unless he is napping on me.
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  • My son starting waking more often just before 4 mo, too.  It lasted about 3-4 weeks and he's now (at almost 5 months) back to waking about twice a night to be fed.  For him, I think it was a combination of going through a growth spurt and starting to teethe.  More hungry and more in pain = more waking up!  Takes a lot of perseverance to get through these times, but it won't last forever.  

    Oh, and we didn't do any intentional sleep training.  Just continued our routine of minimal lighting during the night feedings and comforted him (held him, quietly swaying a little) when he was crying.  He just needed that tender care during this time of transition.  As exhausting as it is to give that care in the middle of the night, it shows him that he's loved and not alone in pain.  

    Hope that helps!


  • I was in the same boat - a couple days before her 4 month birthday she started doing the same stuff your baby is doing.  I tried waiting it out for about a month hoping it would get better on it's own but unfortunately it didn't.

    We've been doing Ferber and so far so good.  She went from waking every hour or two to sleeping from 8 until 5 or 6.  Also, I've been able to just put her down in her crib with no pacifier which I thought would never happen.

    The crying wasn't as bad as I thought.  She really only cried for a couple nights and never longer than 5 or 10 minutes. 

    I hope you can find something that works for you guys! 

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  • My little one had days of good sleep but that was very random. With being back at work I'm shot!! She still wakes up twice. Night if not more at four months old.  I do not think I could do CIO either, I heard many people rave about the sleep easy method. I just started the book and hope to start at the end of the month if I like what the book says. 

     Good luck. I feel your pain. For me it's been four longs months, waiting for better nights sleep. 

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