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I am at a new job and I put in a time off request 2 weeks ago to take off 2 days at Thanksgiving. We need to purchase plane tickets to go to my inlaws. How long should I wait before asking if it was approved?

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  • Ask your manager the approximate time frame for approving time off requests. It might be taking longer because a lot of people request time off for the holidays and they are accomodating people in the order the requests were received.
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  • I like pp's suggestion. 
    Whatever happened w/ your job & the whole coworker situation?
  • If you've been waiting two weeks, it's totally reasonable for you to follow up and ask tomorrow.
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  • Hi, and thanks for asking! All is calm for right now. I got a temporary transfer to one of the associated hospitals. The other guy was reprimanded and I have come to learn that he has a long rap sheet and I have not encountered anyone that has had a positive experience with him.he is simply a bully and a Jerk. I am suppose to go back and work with him in 2 weeks. I am sick just thinking about it. Honestly, the entire department is an utter disaster. The only reason I am still there is because leaving so soon would look bad on a resume.  thank you for asking

  • Two weeks is definitely a reasonable amount of time to wait to follow up.  You could start the conversation by just making sure they received the time off request and then follow up by asking how long it normally takes for approval.  Hopefully that will get the conversation flowing naturally to the question you really want answered: is it approved?
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  • I think it's resonable to ask this week. I would phrase it like pp said. If you clarify to make sure they got the request and to see when you should hear back, they will see you as professional.
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