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Needing thoughts on a name. . .

Husband and I are team green all the way with our first baby!  We are super excited. . . but of course this means we get to pick names for both gender.  

 From the beginning our choices have been Emmett Dane {Dane being Husband and his twin brother's middle name} for a boy and for a girl it's a toss up between Everleigh Grace and Charlotte {still undecided on a middle name}  How lucky am I that we agreed on names even before getting pregnant?!

 I have loved Charlotte for years, but a couple months ago one of my friends had a little girl and used this name.  :/  Now I'm feeling like I may want to wait for a second daughter down the road before using this same name.  

 Here's my question -- do you feel like Everleigh is a name that a girl/woman can grow into?!  I think it's adorable for a little girl {we would call her Evie Grace/Evie for short}  Maybe it's just my preggo hormones making me second-guess our decision.

Thanks dears! 

Re: Needing thoughts on a name. . .

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