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When is IKEA's "it only happens twice a year" sale?

DH and I went there over Labor Day weekend hoping to find a good deal on a new bedroom set for DD1. She is still in a crib and instead of converting it to a toddler bed, we are just going to get her a twin bed, dresser, maybe a little nightstand. After we left there, DH mentioned this sale. I checked their website bur can't find any info. Anyone know?
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Re: When is IKEA's "it only happens twice a year" sale?

  • I think it's in January and Julyish. 

  • It is when they have clearance merchandise they aren't going to sell anymore/do their permanent price cuts on items. January is not as large as July, it is mostly holiday items and a few other things and they don't usually redo the showroom the way the do in July. The sale varies from a small discount to really large and you don't know ahead of time what is one sale so you have to go their and walk the floor (their online store often doesn't show what is discounted.)
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  • I think it starts immediately after Christmas and runs for a couple weeks.  I know we did some decorating when DH was home for his Christmas vacation a couple of years ago.  We had a friend from out of town and he and DH spent a whole day putting Ikea furniture together.  DH only takes the week between X-mas and New Year's, which makes me think the sale must have started on the 26th or so.

    There are good discounts on a lot of items, especially the smaller items in the market place.  The larger items are usually marked down just for a particular day of the sale.  Like on the 26th, dining room tables are on sale.  On the 27th, sofas are on sale, etc, etc.  We live nearby, so we went back about 3 times that week to get the best discounts.  Also--we couldn't fit everything in our truck in one trip--that stuff comes in BIG, heavy boxes! 

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