Length of professional photo session?

LO has her first outdoor photo session next week. We paid 200 to reserve the session and have to make a 300 minimum purchase of photos. How long should I expect the photographer to spend shooting my LO?

Re: Length of professional photo session?

  • Totally depends on the type of session (baby only? family too? different locations? outfit changes?), age of the baby/toddler, etc. - ask your photographer. This should be covered in your contract, and if not, it's your responsibility to clarify if you have a question before booking.
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  • The photographer typically will spend the time needed to get a solid gallery of photos. They usually have it on their website that they will deliver x number of images in their gallery. Sometimes you get more than that. To get there, the session could be 1 hour, but if he/she feels they got enough variety in the photos and if your child is done, it could also be only 30 minutes. I would ask your photographer what they typically do.
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  • This varies, best bet is to ask your photographer.  I would count on about an hour (give or take).
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  • Congratulations on another first! I agree that your photographer should provide guidelines on the length of the shoot.

    As a professional photographer who has shot a lot of little ones at this age, my first priority is a happy client. This means time has to be a little elastic. You never know what curve balls babies throw your way.

    That said, your baby could be perfect that day and a whole variety of shots could be captured in 45 minutes - or even less!

     So have the conversation up front so you're expectations are in sync with your photographer's; especially about what the outcome should be.

    Have a fabulous shoot!!

    Koren Reyes

  • I'd ask if you're concerned about it. Between naps, feeding schedules, etc I can see where your worry would lie. DS's first few sessions were 2 hours long. That was almost too long but it was nice to have that extra time in case we had a melt down, etc. His last session was only an hour. Price wise...I have no clue what to expect for your $$$. Every region seems to be totally different. The most I ever spent per session was $175 and that came with a CD and print release to get our own prints through a local print shop.
  • With LOs my shoots usually only last 45min-1hr. They can't last much more than that.
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