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Maternity jeans?

I'm having some real problems finding maternity jeans.  All of the ones I've come across are super long, and I really don't feel like taking them to get hemmed (I'm 5'5, all the jeans I've tried on are about 5 inches too long).  Anyone know of any places that have maternity jeans in different lengths, or is the norm pretty much everywhere?  If I have to get them hemmed, I will, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

Re: Maternity jeans?

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    Old Navy has a long or short option.

    Looking on there now, I realize that the one pair I ordered from there didn't have that option, so I guess I just assumed the rest didn't.  I really like the way the Kohl's Motherhood line fits, I just wish they had shorter lengths. 

  • I'm the same height.  I like Old Navy jeans - I think the ones I really like are flared.  Also, I have 2 pairs of Liz Lange jeans from Target that are good lengths for flat shoes.

    In case this makes a difference with what you are looking at, I buy jeans that have the full stomach panel. 

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  • ::lurking from 2nd tri::

    I picked some up from Motherhood today-- they had petite fit. I'm only 5'2'' though and they fit perfectly. 

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  • I have Pea In a Pod skinny jeans. I'm 5'5, they fit great, except they sag a little in the bottom. I haven't come across any maternity jeans that don't sag in the bottom for me though. Good luck. :)
  • I am 5'7" and have trouble finding any that are long enough.  Some that I have tried that have been way too short have been Motherhood (each of their styles seem to fit to a different length), Walmanrt (George), and Old Navy.  Hopefully you are able to find some pairs that work!
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  • I'm 5ft4in and Old Navy maternity jeans regular length have always been the best fit for me. This time around I also scored some awesome designer maternity jeans that fit perfect at a consignment shop for 5 bucks. GL!
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  • I was in the same boat.  I too am 5'5'.  Old Navy Maternity Jeans in Short fit great :) 
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  • Thanks, everyone, I'll have to dig a little more I guess!  I definitely want to try some Old Navy ones because I liked the way they fit, but the pair I had was too long and no length options.  

    I think part of my problem is that now I'm scrambling to find jeans because up until recently, several of my non-maternity jeans fit me fine with the beband.  It's annoying because no Old Navy around here has maternity stuff, anything I get I have to order online, so I can't try them on first. I've checked several consignment shops and have struck out totally with jeans, but I've definitely gotten some great work clothes (Gap dress pants for $2!!).  I've always had issues with finding jeans that fit, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this. 

    To the PP who mentioned them being saggy in the bottom, I had that problem big time with a pair of Motherhood jeans.  I felt like I had poopy pants big time.  That's how I ended up buying a pair at Kohl's.  DH was buying pants for himself, I went to the maternity section and grabbed a pair and changed in the car because I was afraid I was going to reach in my pocket and my pants were gonna fall down. 

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    Gap! Love them!!

    Me too!  I bought the short length jeans and they are still a bit too long (I'm 5'2") so they'd probably be perfect on you.  They are my only maternity pants that don't feel like maternity pants.

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  • Mine are Destination Maternity or Motherhood - I can't remember which - but I'm 5'2" and they fit great!
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  • I'm 5'3" but bottom heavy, so the regular jeans in my size at Motherhood Maternity were way too long, but the petites were too short. My solution was to find a pair of skinny jeans that I could fold under. No hemming necessary. I normally never wear skinny jeans, but I figured I would take advantage of the one time that my top half is heavier than my lower half :)
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  • I'm petite. I bought some adriano goldschmide. AGs from destination maternity. I wear AGs when I'm not pregnant, so I knew they would work. yes. pricey. but if you're going to have more than one baby, a good investment because they are nice to wear to work with a great shell, jacket, short heels/flats, etc. Great dark washes.

     The old navy jeans were ok. But in the last two months, the belly panel simply didn't stretch enough. Plus the jeans aren't "dressy" enough for work.

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    image srd3:
    Gap! Love them!!

    Me too!  I bought the short length jeans and they are still a bit too long (I'm 5'2") so they'd probably be perfect on you.  They are my only maternity pants that don't feel like maternity pants.

    The length isn't even great for me..ankle is just a smidge to short for my taste..so the regulars I still have to cuff but I LOVE that they feel like regular jeans.. my motherhood ones feel kinda like stretch pants and stretch out to much giving that poopy diaper sag! Also I like the belly band options they have!

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  • Seraphine has long and short options for jeans :)
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