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EleCare? Neocate? Nutramigen AA?

Just wondering if anyone on this board has any experience with these formulas.  I posted on the Food Allergy board the other day too.

DS is currently on EleCare (he has milk protein allergy and his stool tested positive for occult blood even on Nutramigen which is hypoallergenic) but his GI doctor is suggesting we try switching to Neocate or Nutramigen AA to see if he tolerates it a little better.  He still gets really gassy on the EleCare and shows signs of discomfort.  Even though all three formulas are essentially the same thing (amino acid--it's elemental formula and there is 0 milk protein) we were told some babies just tolerate one version better than another--similar to why some people switch from Enfamil to Similac.

I know every baby is different and we won't know until we try it, but if you have any insight on any of these formulas I'd love to hear it!  Thanks!

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Re: EleCare? Neocate? Nutramigen AA?

  • We were in the same boat.  We have been through 4 different OTC formulas then Elecare.  My LO projectile vomitted on Elecare.  None of OTC ones except she was getting blood in her stool on those.  Finally we settled on Neocate.  I have to say it is much better.  She has awful reflux and has big spit ups but her gas is under control and she is a lot more comfortable.  We tried Elecare for a week before we went to Neocate.  
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  • We started with Nutramigen as well, with no luck (blood was still showing up on test results), then we were switched to Neocate and our baby girl has been on it ever since.  She is now almost 8 months old. 

    We were even sent to a gastro Dr. and thought she might have reflux, but after trying meds for that for 3 wks, it was determined that she did not have it, and was just a spitter upper. We went thru a long period of spitting up, but she has nearly outgrown it.  It still happens from time to time, but certainly not like it was.  Their little systems just need to develop.

    Did not try EleCare, but basically because we didn't need to.  The Neocate did the trick.  Big Smile

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