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When clothes don't fit

I'm 11 weeks, but I jumped over here 'cause I figured you gals would know more about transitioning clothes. :-D I am not showing yet, but my tummy has packed on a nice little pocket of fat right in front, so pants are too snug, and all of my shirts that once laid nicely against my flat tummy now show my fat hanging over my pants. :-( Is it too early to get maternity clothes (will they not fit by the time I do actually start showing?)? Would a bella band type thing solve both those problems for a minimal investment? I don't have money to burn, so I'm looking for the best solution.

Thanks, ladies! Here's to looking pregnant instead of just fat. :-/

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Re: When clothes don't fit

  • First time around I did the hair tie trick and the beband from Target. I didn't want to get maternity clothes until I really had too, but I never did! I was pretty far along when the beband stopped working so I just used leggings I already had. Most of my shirts fit me so I never had to buy those either. Right now I'm just wearing jeans unbuttoned but fastened with a belt and some of my tees are getting short so I'm using the flowy shirts I have. 

    ETA: I also think buying a size bigger in regular clothes may be cheaper than buying "maternity clothes" they can get so expensive! That all depends on where you're shopping though.

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  • I had the same problem.  I got a couple of slightly larger sizes and that worked fine for a while.  Check out thrift stores and consignment stores, then you can get maternity clothes when you really start to show.
  • Check out different retailers clearance section for maternity. I got a great pair of maternity jeans at Target for $10, in relation my Bella band was close to $30 (but still totally worth it). I also got a brand new (pockets still sewn shut) pair of work maternity pants at Goodwill for $5, but you have to do a lot of digging to find those jewels. But I will say this- omg maternity pants are so comfortable! 

    Honestly you won't know what will work for you until you try it. I'm a rather slender girl and my co-worker said that her niece, who is about my size, went through her entire pregnancy with the Bella Band. I'm 19 weeks and I just tried to stuff myself into a pair of prepregnancy jeans which were always a little big on me. I must be spreading faster than I realized because that zipper would not budge. And I haven't even gained 5lbs yet! Keep in mind that every body is different, and there are no guarantees.

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  • BTW the Bella Band is not a girdle, so it's not going to diminish the size of the bulge, just cover it.

    Also Old Navy has some good sales. I've been trying to find maternity shirts that aren't too frumpy (and that have the side runches) so that I can wear them post pregnancy and people shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

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  • I hated the Bella band, honestly. I think that since you need to get maternity clothes eventually, you might as well get some now... Although I wouldn't get too much. I liked the underbelly pants at first but not once I got bigger. What you like now might change in a few months.
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  • At first, I just switched to dresses/leggings and a couple of elastic waist skirts I had. I've just transitioned to maternity clothes now that I have a little bump and honestly, it's driving me crazy that they are baggy. But, I'm not going to buy a wave of clothes now in a normal size up and another batch when my bump gets super sized. Most folks say this is just the awkward period where clothes just aren't as flattering as either earlier or oddly later in the pregnancy.

  • I was so excited to buy maternity clothes the first time around.  I used the bella band when I was pregnant with DD, but hated it.  I also bought shirts one size up, which worked post pregnancy too until most of the weight was off.  I've used the hairband with this pregnancy and it is so much better.  Now, that doesn't really work so I am just suffering through wearing my maternity pants that are still a little too big.  

    I have to be somewhat dressed up at work, but survived through pregnancy with a pair of brown, black, khaki and gray work pants plus one pair of jeans.  I spent more on tops (they tend to be cheaper than pants) because that seems more noticeable if you are repeating the same shirt.   I would check Kohl's and many resale stores for maternity clothes.  I got 2 maternity shirts at a resale shop for $5 each.  

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  • I say that as soon as you're uncomfortable - get maternity clothes!
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  • I was able to find belly bands at Target for$16 a piece and I'm still using them with some of my jeans. I also went to Forever 21 and got some nice fold-over black yoga pants for about $15-$20 long before I got preg, but I've practically lived in them since I got preg. Its not too early to get maternity jeans or pants at all. They are a great investment early on. check ebay and Craigslist and go for the size you normally are (small, med, or large) and trust me, they will stretch right along with you as you get bigger and still fit by the end of your pregnancy. They are not straight denim but have some serious forgiving material built in.
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  • I wore maternity pants at 11 weeks too. Some fit well, some were still big. However, the bella band with most of my old pants didn't fit so I didn't have much of a choice. I would say that you can start picking up maternity clothes. Old Navy & Gap have online sales right now and free shipping over $50 (you can shop at both retailers at once). Also, Target has a nice maternity section so the prices are reasonable. $25-$30 for dresses and pants are around $20-$30 too.
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  • image Kingston54:
    I say that as soon as you're uncomfortable - get maternity clothes!

    Absolutely agree! I only got two fairly inexpensive pairs of pants (a work pair and a jeans pair) at Walmart  for the time being, and plan to shop for better quality ones later on if need be.

    As for tops, I'm lucky to have old clothes (in good condition) laying around that I've been wearing, and so far not so many tops don't fit. I did get a bella band to cover my little fat bulge with the regular shirts. One size up might be just fine for you! 

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  • I didn't like my Bella band. It's essentially a stretchy piece of fabric, so it didn't work with my hips at all. It always rolled up. Now if it tapered for the hips just a little bit, it would have been perfect. I absolutely needed maternity clothes by the 3rd trimester. I'd start looking for clearance sales at Target and Old Navy. You don't need a lot, just enough to mix and match a bit. While you look, I'd use the rubber band trick on your jeans and layer a long tank under your shirts if you need the extra length.
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  • I had this exact problem! But I was quite excited to buy maternity clothes so I wasn't too bothered :P I tried a bella band but the unzipped jeans and the band on top became a nuisance and I wasn't comfortable at all. My sister recommended Seraphine's jeans as they're very stretchy and lasted throughout her pregnancy and I loved. Comfiest jeans I've ever owned! Love looking pregnant, not fat!!! ;)
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