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My dumb story from yesterday

So I ran to the super market in the morning to get a few things.  When we got back, I wanted to take the kids for a walk, so I ran in the house real quick to put the stuff in the fridge, then went back outside, locking the door behind me...and leaving my keys on the table.  Cue panic.  Thank God the automatic locks on my car hadn't engaged yet, so Tommy and Megan weren't stuck in the car.  But we were locked out. Needless to say my H wasn't thrilled.  One visit from a locksmith and $220 later we were back in. Pretty expensive mistake, haha.  I seriously felt so stupid. I always put my keys in my pocket, don't know why I threw them on the table.

Now you can laugh at me ;) 

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Re: My dumb story from yesterday

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