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Team Green - weak moments

Team Green Mamas,

Do you ever have a weak moment when you want to find out the sex? I found out last time and I loved knowing.  DH didn't want to know so we agreed we'd wait on this one.  I want to be team green, but I just don't know if I can do it.

Point 1: Today, I was going to have an ultrasound but when the doctor realized I didn't want to find out the sex, he said a doppler to hear the heart beat would be fine.   I know he was right, but being team green cost me a chance to see my baby :(

Point 2: My biggest hurdle is still ahead because my SIL is due 3 weeks ahead of me and she's going to find out the sex.  I know I am going to be so excited for her either way and I think part of me will want the same excitement for me.  

 Point 3: Black Friday shopping, after Christmas shopping... need I say more? 

Are any of you wavering a little? I am hoping these weak moments pass and I can make it to April! 

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Re: Team Green - weak moments

  • I loved the moment that I looked to see what my baby was (my birth story means that no one looked until about ten minutes later... Home birth that the midwives missed...OOPS!)

    I had a weak moment once...but since I cannot buy anything before baby is four days old, I just dealt with it! (Cultural reasons for the four days)

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  • Yes! I waver everyday. A lot of people ask what we're not finding out and how much harder its going to be not knowing. But I also feel like its getting me ready for all the times that people say that we should raise our child a certain way. There are definitely some cute gender neutral outfits :)
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  • I BROKE!!  I was sure I wanted it to be a surprise. But when they did the gender blood test and I could find out at 12 weeks....I BROKE!!  I am super excited to know and at the same time wonder if they could have made a mistake.
  • We had a few weak moments during my first pregnancy. When we declined to find out the sex at our 20week ultrasound, DH and I were secretly hoping the sonographer would slip and say "his" or "her." I will tell you that there's nothing like the moment you first hold your baby in your arms, and your husband says "it's a boy!!!" Or "it's a girl!!!" It will completely rock your world. :

    Oh and as for the shopping, DH and I splurged on 3 adorable yet pricey gender neutral outfits to get the baby through the first couple of days. Trust me, our home was absolutely flooded with more blue crap than I've ever seen in my life once our family and friends found out we had a boy!
  • Yes! All the time. We go into stores and pass newborn clothes and I'm like, "OMG I can't wait until April/May to buy these. We need to find out!" My husband and I keep taking turns changing our minds about finding out or not. Our back-up plan is to open some kind of gift on Christmas morning that will reveal the answer but I still think it would be so neat to wait until delivery!

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  • I definitely have some weak moments, like every single ultrasound! I get one every two weeks because of my high risk status and each time I have to say, "No, we don't want to know!" It's hard during those moments, but only then.

    I'm actually okay with it the rest of the time, and know it will be so worth it in the end. I'm more worried that someone will slip and tell me during the pregnancy since I do get so many ultrasounds, or that I will see myself what the baby is.

    My husband is totally not wanting to wait and is only doing so because I'm basically playing the "My uterus my decision" card, but he seems to be doing just fine too. ;)

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  • I get them all the time when people find out, but we are going to hold strong. We aren't really buying anything for this one and we never get the right sizes season wise when we buy clothes early, so we don't really do that.
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  • Yes! We were so strong with DS and now I find myself wanting to know if he's going to have a brother or a sister (partly because they're going to have to share a room for about a year). We are going to hold strong though!
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  • I found it difficult for a week or so after our anatomy scan. I would have moments where I would just want to tear into the sealed envelope that was in our kitchen. But then I decided to put the envelope away deep in my closet and forget about it. After that I didn't even think about it.

    I REALLY wanted it to be a surprise so nothing was going to change my mind. My husband & I really enjoyed not knowing, some days we would talk about the baby like it was a boy and other days a girl. It was like we were able to experience being pregnant with both.

    Delivery was amazing not knowing! I can't explain the excitement pushing to find out what's been in there all this time. I was FULLY convinced I was having a boy so when I pulled out my little DD and saw she was a little girl I was shocked and thrilled!

    We loved being team green last time, so doing it again this time is easy! 

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  • Not last time - I loved being team green! Loved the anticipation, the excitement, and the moment of "Hello!" when you meet your little boy or girl for the first time, and get to know them instantly as a new person in the world. A person that seconds before, I didn't know anything tangible about.That feeling keeps me team green.

    This time around, I find that I have more weak moments. Mainly because having two boys will be convenient, and having one of each means more planning. I am mainly referring to the nursery and clothing here. 

    I am not a fan of ultrasounds, and my husband will be away for our twenty week ultrasound, so I am sure I will make it!  


  • I mostly waiver when I'm in shops that don't have cute gender neutral clothes. I shocked myself by wanting to bee team green I'm a huge planner but it has been easier than I thought.

  • Like a PP said, only when I was having an US last week. I asked if they could tell yet even though it was early. The tech said maybe, lets see, but the baby wouldnt show us the goodies! I guess this little peanut wants us to be team green too!

  • I may have sneaked a peek last time at our a/s. We were supposed to look away while the tech checked everything out and I looked. I figured I had an idea, but because she didn't tell me and I wasn't trained to read u/s, it could still go either way. So I had an idea, but nothing concrete.

    I had to yell at them in delivery because they whisked her away immediately. "WHAT IS IT?" so we are definitely finding out this time. 

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  • We were Green last time and plan to be this time as well.  But, yes, I am much more weak this time around!  Finding out it was a girl after all those 9 months and labor was SO rewarding and special, and I know we want that feeling again.

    But I admit, I spent a good hour trying to analyze the "angle of the dangle" on the u/s pictures I got yesterday!!  I didn't tell MH about that theory, as he really wants to be surprised.  Guess I'll just have to be patient, I couldn't see anything obvious in the pictures.

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  • I am nervous we will cave at the anatomy scan. I also worry that we will accidentally see on the ultrasound.
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  • Neither dh or I really want to find out, but sometimes parts of me would like to know. For example - I've got 3 nieces that are young enough I could conceivably make due with hand-me-downs for quite a while if we have a girl. 

    My only other real "issue" is that garage sales start in April around my area and I'd be nice to be able to stock up on clothes for later (3m-12m sizes). Hopefully I'll feel good enough to be out hitting the May/June sales.

     But, I really enjoyed the suspense and surprise factor of not knowing the first time around, so I'm sure we'll stay strong.

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  • It is so nice to know other team green mamas have weak moments too. It gives me hope that I can really do this.
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