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**Weekly Lovenox Ladies Check-in**

Hi Everyone,

Its time again for our weekly check-in.  This check-in is for anyone dealing with clotting disorders, or for anyone doing once or twice daily shots of Lovenox, Heparin, Clexane, Fragmin, Arixtra, etc. (you are also welcome if you are on any other blood thinners - coumadin, aspirin, etc.)  This is a place for us to share our frustrations, worries and triumphs.  What?s new this week?  How is everyone feeling?  How are your bruises?  Here is a link to our injection tips, http://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/68100369.aspx

This is the current list of Lovenox Ladies:

Sarahellen2010 ? (FVL homo, PAI-1) - 10/14

Sbsob0823 (FVL) ? 10/14

AustinBride06 (MTHFR) ? 10/15

Nicky820 (MTHFR) ? 10/22

Hutchison.andrea@gmail.com ? (MTHFR homo) -11/8

Kswestern (AT, Protein S) ? 11/9

Kaim87 (APS) ? 11/10

Poppy pmincess (MTHFR) - 11/13

Bostonbluejay (APS, MTHFR) ? 11/17

Tarynkaye86 (DVT) ? 11/7

Cuttley (FVL) ? 11/23

Athena97 (previous DVT) ? 1/1

Lily2013 (FVL and previous DVT, PE) ? 1/7

St.augbride (MTHFR) - 1/19

Mmojica129 (Prothrombin mutation) ? 1/20

Nikki0514 (FVL) ? 1/29

Keckmann (previous DVT, PE) ? 1/29

Bandbyork1 (APS) ? 1/29

Fignewt74 (FVL and previous DVT, PE) ? 2/9

Llfinch (APS) ? 2/11

JabberJay (previous PE) ? 2/19

Lizard22809 (MTHFR) ? 2/20

Krissywave (MTHFR) ? 2/23

LegsMcGee (prevous DVT, PE) ? 2/26

Thistlesnbrambles (MTHFR, previous PE) ? 3/9

Lucky2K13 (Prothrombin mutation) ? 3/11

Gemini545 (previous DVT) ? 3/13

Iamapixie (FVL and MTHFR) ? 3/13

Mom2Toddler (MTHFR, Protein S) ? 3/18

Alexz067 (MTHFR) ? 3/20

Mkc5869 (Protein C) ? 3/22

SkyExodus (previous PE) ? 3/24

Dieted01 (Protein C, protein S) ? 3/27

Buckyballs (PA!-1, previous TST) ? 4/1

APSnewmex (APS, previous CVT) ? 4/9

Bjelle00 (previous SVT) ? 4/9

RachelandEduardo (possible APS) ? 5/1

Mandy_marie (previous DVT) ? 5/8

LorenWeber13 (possible APS) - 5/10

Behapy2day (MTHFR) ? 6/1

If this is your first week checking-in, please let us know your EDD and the reason you are on blood thinners. 

QOTW:  Where is the strangest place you've done an injection?


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Re: **Weekly Lovenox Ladies Check-in**

  • Feeling good but the bruises SUCK! And I'm not sure what is going on with me, but my abdomen area is getting super sensitive and the injections are starting to hurt more and more :(

    No strange place for me yet for injections. I do them in the evening in front of the bathroom mirror :) 

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  • I would love to hear people's experiences... I'm TTC and I will need to take twice daily lovenox shots once I get a + test.  Good luck ladies!

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  • I've been on lovenox for almost two weeks now, and I think I'm starting to become even more senstive to it.... isnt it supposed to be the other way around? I have also noticed that it burns a lot more the closer it is to my front near my belly button. I told DH tonight that I prefer it when he injects on my side. I am counting mysef lucky that I havent started bruising yet.

    I have DH give me the injections at night so it hasnt been in any strange places yet... just our kitchen or bathroom.

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  • I'm on heprin and after 4 weeks there are barley any visible bruises! The first 3 weeks my tummy looked a mess! But not a single new large bruise this week. I hope this continues, because it was getting pretty hard to find a nonbruised place to inject. 
  • Hi ladies! Feeling OK this week. I went almost a month with no bruises but hit a vessel the other night and have a 2" masterpiece on my abdomen now. My belly is starting to get tight where I started the injections so I'm having to move further yo the side. DH is so wonderful about it all though. Some nights, I'm all cozied in bed and don't want to get up to do the shot in the bathroom so he brings it to me w an alcohol swab in bed :-p
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  • I just finished my first box of syringes (10 count), so I feel like I've hit a small milestone :)   I agree that it hurts more closer to my belly button, but I can't pinch as much skin on the sides.  

    I want to know, where do you inject once the skin on your abdomen is tight from the stretching?? 

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