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Just had my first appointment!!

Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to follow up and let everyone know how my first appointment went.  I was spot on with my weeks and was confirmed that I am 9 weeks along.  Overall I had a good check up and as the doctor said I look very pregnant so she's thinking I might be carrying twins!!  I go back tomorrow for an ultrasound so here's hoping for a beautiful heartbeat, or maybe even two!

Re: Just had my first appointment!!

  • That is awesome news!!  I just made my appt for 2 weeks from now - I can't wait to go in.  =)
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  • Congrats!  That is great!  Let us know how the U/S goes tomorrow.

    I go on Friday for my first appointment ... looking forward to it. We will be referred to a high-risk OB Gyn this time around because my son was born at 28 weeks and I recently suffered a MC but still looking forward to getting the show on the road!

  • OMG! Congrats!!!!! So happy! If they see two babies that would be a miracle. I go Monday for my first appt and I cant wait to learn what the doc has to say. Please update tomorrow if you are having twins. I am six weeks and still look the same, so I am sure if you look pregnant that there is a huge chance of two babies.
  • Congrats!  Keep us posted on the u/s results.

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  • My first appointment isnt until the 19th.... I am trying just to post to keep time flying by!!! I am so ready to see my little bean!!!! :) I haven't had any blood work just 2 positive pregnancy test and tons of morning sickness. So here's to hoping for good news!! :)
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  • Well I just had the ultrasound yesterday and what an amazing experience!!  They confirmed my due date of May 13, 2013 and sent me home with lots of pictures!  The whole time the baby was moving her little limbs and wiggling around.  It was so cute!!  When I heard the heartbeat I just burst into tears. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.  I have never been more excited to be a mom and will be counting down the days until my next ultrasound.  :-)
  • That's awesome! Keep us updated on ur baby...maybe babies!!!

    I am 9 weeks and go in for my first OB appt on Wednesday! I'm so excited but a little nervous too.

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