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Chiropractors and Pregnancy. Opinions and Experiences?

I went to a chiropractor on a regular basis before my pregnancy.  This Tuesday is my 1st appointment while pregnant and I'm excited to go bc I need it but at the same time I'm a bit nervous.  What are some of your experiences if you've been to the chiro while pregnant?  My Chiropractor is amazing and normally comes with a 1 hour massage before the cracking but I don't have time for the massage this time around.  Opinions and experiences?
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Re: Chiropractors and Pregnancy. Opinions and Experiences?

  • I've never been to a chiropractor while pregnant but the massage and the cracking sound heavenly!!! Enjoy!
  • I've never gone to a chiropractor, pregnant or not pregnant. My friend is due in about a month and she goes regularly (not sure how often) to the chiropractor and loves it. She says it definitely makes a difference to her. My aunt also went to the chiropractor when she was pregnant and enjoyed it.
  • I'd actually never been until my last pregnancy.  I went to someone my midwife recommended and he sees a ton of pregnant women.  I would think that could make a big difference.  It helped me a lot and now my DH sees him regularly.  We even took DS there for his reflux.  I think it can be a great thing if you find the right one!
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  • I've been adjusted weekly since about 13 weeks (so for over 6weeks now) and OMG I love it!  I haven't experienced much back pain, and there are so many things that get misaligned in your spine while your body is accomdating for your pregnancy....and it just really helps to have that stability and support there. 


    I highly recommend getting adjusted (maybe not weekly like i am...it's just because I also do Crossfit and have had some other issues he looks at)...i've had a couple prenatal massages so far and nothing feels like it;s "fixed" what's wrong with me like going to the chiropractor....

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  • My sister goes to the chiropractor regularly throughout her pregnancy.  I asked my OB and she asked me not to go to the chiropractor.  So I go to massage.  I get 1/2 massage on neck and shoulders.
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  • I've been seeing my chiro since about a year before we got pregnant and I LOVE him. I know I would be significantly less comfortable without him. He's very conscientious about pregnancy (his wife has had two babies in 3 years and she came in ALL the time) and has lots of pregnant patients, so he knows what he's doing. I go in about once a week now because my ribs are regularly being pushed out of place and I always feel so much better.

    I never asked my OB about it, but last week I mentioned my ribs and he actually recommended I find a good chiropractor (check!). Also, FWIW, my friend is a doula and she said that she's known a few women who've gotten adjusted during labor and that it helps a ton with the process. I def do not think my chiro would be down for that, but it's an interesting thought. =)

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  • I went once and twice a week for my entire pregnancy with my son.  Good stuff and I recommend it.

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  • I was in a car accident several years ago and injured my neck and back.  I've been getting adjusted regularly ever since.  I go once every two weeks now and it's been a life saver especially now that I'm having pain from softening ligaments and not walking in proper alignment because of the change in my center of gravity.  I opt out of the electro-stimulation of the back muscles prior to the adjustment because it makes me nauseous.  My chiropractor said that it is safe if I wanted it.   I no longer lay face down on the table (I get adjust while sitting up) but it's been great.  Most massage therapists caution against massages in the first trimester and even after that they only recomend specificly prenatal massages.  I really don't know if you could put that much stock into it being dangerous but my friend who is a massage therapist won't take a pregnant client until she is beyond 13 weeks.  Accupuncture in the first trimester was also really great and worth a try if you are open to it and you find a place that uses one time use needles (most do).  By the way, my OB cleared both chiropractic and accupuncture treatments as being safe ways to ease the discomforts of pregnancy.   
  • I'd definitely go if I had my old chiro.  We moved 45 minutes away.  I wish she was closer because I know it would help!
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  • I have been seeing a chiropractcor for the last 10 years. I have been going throughout my IVF process and since my first positive beta. I try to go once per week and get massages every other week. Went last night as a matter of fact and my back feels great today. I find it very helpful and the massages really help me to relax.


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  • Just tell him that you're pregnant.  I still see mine about once every 6 weeks.  They should know what is off limits or what needs to be modified as would a good massage therapist.
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